Choosing the Right Ruby Engagement Rings with Your Beloved


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Cherish the Amazing Beauty of Ruby Engagement Rings with Your Beloved

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Ruby Engagement Ring Ruby is an amazing gemstone that is considered as an ultimate symbol of love, passion and trust. When you talk about love, ruby will come to your mind as this lovely stone has been a part of many love stories since ages. It has always been the favorite of Kings, Queens and affluent people. Adorned by royalty for centuries, the ruby popularly known as the July birthstone has fascinated people all over the world and continues to be one of the most sought after precious stones.

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Loose Rubies Loose rubies have been quite famous across the globe for many centuries. This attractive gemstone is known as the ‘King of gems’. The fiery red color or pigeon blood red color ruby is very alluring and it can captivate the imagination of all buyers. It has its own charm that can floor you at first sight. Ruby stone color is crimson and it suits the women the most. But men also like this stone because they know it was once the favorite of Kings and Queens.

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Dazzling Red Color Ruby The dazzling red color ruby is ideal for women as they have lot of red dresses in their wardrobe. They can match different types of ruby jewelry with red color dresses. Loose rubies pair really well with vintage settings and yellow or rose gold. There are plenty of platinum and white gold more modern classic settings that go very well with this fiery gemstone. Loose rubies are sourced from different locations of the world like Thailand, Cambodia, Brazil, India and other countries. But the best one comes from Burma (Myanmar).

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