Which Gemstones Are Most Valuable?

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Pawn shops buy all kinds of gemstones, but some are worth more than others. Find out which kinds of gems tend to be most valuable on today’s market. Learn more at https://gempawnbrokers.com/services/pawn-jewelry


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• Gemstone values are based on a variety of things particularly regarding supply demand and quality. • The rarity of natural stones is a major factor in value a stone that is difficult to find in nature and cannot be reproduced synthetically is typically more valuable. • “The 4 Cs” also affect value: cut color clarity and carat.

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• Price: Up to 15000 per carat • Despite being fairly common as a choice for engagement rings and other diamond jewelry high- quality stones are still valuable to all kinds of diamond buyers. • Extremely strong and durable due to its carbon lattice construction natural diamonds take billions of years to form.

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• Average price: 1200 per carat • A beautiful blue-hued gemstone named for its primary location in Northern Tanzania. • Highest value stones have a rich blue color very similar to sapphire and are at least 5 carats in weight.

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• Price: 12000 per carat • Known for changes color alexandrite can appear emerald or red in different lighting situations synthetics can also be blue and purple. • Only found naturally in the Ural Mountains of Russia it’s actually a type of chrysoberyl that contains iron chromium and titanium impurities.

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• Price: 10000 per carat • A rare cousin of emerald and aquamarine that is only found in a particular region of Utah. • Rarely found in weights over 3 carats the red version of beryl gets its bright coloring from the element manganese.

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• Price: 3500+ per carat for black opal 2300 per carat for fire opal • Black opal: A rare dark-colored type of stone almost all natural black opal is found in New South Wales Australia. • Fire opal: A very glittery type of opal with a multi-colored “fire” effect that is usually with a bright yellow orange or red tone.

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• When you pawn jewelry or loose gemstones make sure the appraiser is certified by reliable organizations to make accurate estimates of value. • GEM Pawnbrokers jewelry appraisers are certified by both the Gemological Institute of America and the Jewelers of America.

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GEM Pawnbrokers is a trusted New York pawn shop with more than 24 locations and 70 years of experience. We buy and sell gemstones and jewelry of all kinds valuing each item based on GIA and JA assessment standards. Learn more at www.gempawnbrokers.com.

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