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Latest DP-300 exam dumps PDF is that brain dumps you would be valid to get through the Microsoft exam. People want to buy a lot of stuff because they think getting so many different brain dumps would save you from failing. No, what they don't realize is that the most important thing is your concentration and focus. All those brain dumps that just piled up on your table would be of no use until you work towards it. At the end it is your duty to prepare the best of yourself for the Microsoft DP-300 certification exam.


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MICROSOFT DP-300 DUMPS PDF 100 Reliable DP-300 Dumps Pdf. it’s a Very Easy Way To Pass Microsoft Exam

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DP-300 Question Answers Has A Solution For Puzzled Candidates: • People who are not satisfied with MICROSOFT DP-300 exam dumps yet. They can watch out for a demo videos where people talking about their experiences with DP-300 dump pdf. • You are not under the gun to buy DP-300 brain dumps. At the end you decision will matter but you wont think otherwise too. We are so sure of it.

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“ Here are Some Sample Questions From DP-300 Dumps PDF

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Sample Question You have a Microsoft SQL Server 2019 instance in an on-premises datacenter. The instance contains a 4-TB database named DB1. You plan to migrate DB1 to an Azure SQL Database managed instance. What should you use to minimize downtime and data loss during the migration Answer: A. distributed availability groups B. database mirroring C. log shipping D. Database Migration Assistant Correct Answer: Answer: A

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Sample Question You have a new Azure SQL database. The database contains a column that stores confidential information. You need to track each time values from the column are returned in a query. The tracking information must be stored for 365 days from the date the query was executed. Which three actions should you perform Each correct answer presents part of the solution. Answer: A. Turn on auditing and write audit logs to an Azure Storage account. B. Add extended properties to the column. C. Turn on Advanced Data Security for the Azure SQL server D. Apply sensitivity labels named Highly Confidential to the column. E. Turn on Azure Advanced Threat Protection ATP. Correct Answer: Answer: ACD

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