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Sapphire Gemstone is a mineral variety of corundum family. Sapphires have magical powers. Mostly peoples wear these sapphire gemstones for fashion and Vedic astrological purpose. In this presentation, We can explain about different kinds of sapphire gemstones.


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Sapphire name drives from Greek word " sappheiros ". It belong to the corudum family. Sapphire is the most precious and valuable gemstone. Yellow Sapphire Blue Sapphire Pink Sapphire White Sapphire Star Sapphire Green Sapphire Padparadscha Sapphire


Yellow sapphire are an excellent alternative to yellow diamonds. They are almost as hard and have beautiful color and sparkle, yet are more affordable. Yellow Sapphire


Blue Sapphire Blue sapphire is the strongest and the fastest acting gemstone. It protects us from evil eye, hexing, jealousy, enemies and blesses with mental clarity and clear confusion.


Pink Sapphire Pink Sapphire can range from baby pink to dark fuchsia. Pink Sapphire is the symbol of loyalty, trust and sincerity. It is a beautiful Sapphire But less expensive the diamond.


Some People use white sapphire as accent stones in jewelery . This is because they are a genuine but affordable alternative to diamond. Black Sapphire are usaualy opaque grey stones. White Sapphire


Some Sapphire colors in the star variety are more valued than others. It is almost flawless. Most unusually, It has the star asterism displayed on both sides of the stone. Star sapphire gemstone gives immense benefits.


Green Sapphire Green Sapphire gemstones considered highly effective to improve the capacity of learning and knowledge. Green Sapphire boost social skills and communication skills.


Padaradscha Sapphire They are very beautiful, but also very and very expensive. The word " Padaradscha " refer to a lotus flower. It has an elusive " sunset" color. Padaradscha Sapphire mostly wear as a fashion

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