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After Sales Process

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After Sales Process Presentation – 11 th June 2008 Introduction

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After Sales Process Presentation – 11 th June 2008 The after sales process: The process is triggered at End Of Day stage. Automatic input is done into the database from end of day. Report is scanned and action is started at this stage. Data from the report is inputted into the database . The replacement order is sent to the supplier from the database Stock Code in exchequer is created as per replacement order. A sales order in Exchequer is created with reference to the Job Number. A letter or e-mail is sent to the client informing the client that report is actioned and with an estimated due date of the order. Supplier is tracked for the order confirmation until order is fully confirmed. Job is left open until it is settled with client. Overview

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After Sales Process Presentation – 11 th June 2008 Installation: At installation stage the installation team has to prepare the installation report. The report must be prepared in all cases even if the installation is fully finished and settled. It is important that the client signs the copy of the report. All relevant data should be filled up on the installation report for reporting purposes.

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After Sales Process Presentation – 11 th June 2008 The End of Day: Every day the installation teams must get back to the after sales department and an end of day must be done. In the end of day only basic data is inputted such as report number and if report is settled or not. If the report is of a Job which was already opened then the Job number is also inputted. Every new installation must have a new Job. On the other hand a Job is kept open and is updated every time with the new reports until the job is Finished and thus Status Closed. In the end of day a track of any payments that the installers should have collected is kept. When the end of Day is updated a report is printed and signed by the after sales clerk and the installers. At this stage the End Of Day may be closed and so the system updates the basic data from the end of day directly into the After Sales Database. This will help keep a track of all reports since at this stage a job is triggered. Job Number must be inputted 1593

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After Sales Process Presentation – 11 th June 2008 The after sales database: At this stage the clerk must open the database and start processing the reports and orders. The first module the clerk would have to use is the ‘Database Review’. From here a list of all unactioned reports can be seen. From here the user picks which report he wishes to process and is directed to the Job Files Input Module where the data can be updated. Once all data is inputted the report is scanned and if there are any photos to be attached these are saved in the photos folder. These are then automatically linked to the database once saved and named with the report number. At this point the Replacement Order and the Client Letter must be issued from the Printing Tab. The supplier must now be chased to send the order confirmation and once this is finally confirmed this is updated in the database and confirmation is saved also for link. Confirmations can be tracked from the Database Review ‘To Be Confirmed’ tab.

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After Sales Process Presentation – 11 th June 2008 The whole process keeps to repeat itself until finally the installer gets back to the After Sales Department with a Settled report for the Job in question. At the end of all this the Job status is change to ‘Close’ so as to mark the data that the client is satisfied and the Job is finished.

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After Sales Process Presentation – 11 th June 2008 Discussion

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The End Thanks for your Attention 11 th June 2008 IT Department Vivedno Group After Sales Process Presentation – 11 th June 2008

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