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Zeolite has wide scope of uses in Environmental Remediation, Agriculture , Landscaping and Feed Industry. Zeolite is a useful asset in confronting different ecological issues. Zeolite is very compelling at evacuating hydrocarbons, radioactive cations, smelling salts and substantial metal cations in modern conditions. Basically, Zeolite works as an atomic strainer that adsorbs, assimilates, ties and immobilizes strong particles, fluids and gases in its honeycomb structure. Thus, Zeolite keeps the arrival of contaminant and poisons into fragile environments. Gemina give the absolute most elevated quality Zeolite on the planet.


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Natural Stones:

Natural Stones

Marble Turkey :

Marble Turkey Marble is transformed limestone and dolomitic lime stones under warmth and weight, bringing about another structure because of recrystallization, consequently a wide range of rocks that can be cut and cleaned and have business esteem are called marble. It is a mosaic of monstrous, generally uniform masses with no hole between the calcite precious stones.

Travertine Turkey :

Travertine Turkey Travertine is a sort of limestone encouraged by hot mineral springs called karst. The water development from the springs rubs the travertine, making holes in the stones structure. The structure of travertine is like a honeycomb, where little stashes exist inside the stone; these are uncovered as gaps in the surface when it's cut into tiles.

Basalt Turkey :

Basalt Turkey Basalt is one of the volcanic shake masses. It is in dark shading and is in concentrated stores. It is found in the state as mass, vein and stream. Since it is a hard and tough stone, it is utilized as asphalt, building stone, railroad, connect material.

Onyx Turkey :

Onyx Turkey Onyx stone, a sort of calcinedon, is shaped by the mix of calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, copper, iron oxide and fluorine minerals, which is the reason for the bubbling of the underground high temp water. Onyx name gets from "ring" in the Assyrian language.

Granite Turkey :

Granite Turkey Stone is characteristic magma rocks framed by the blend of different minerals, for example, quartz, feldspar and mica amid the land development times of a great many years .

Limestone Tiles Turkey :

Limestone Tiles Turkey The limestone is created as tiles are favored because of their shading and enlivening highlights. Limestone tiles are utilized seriously in exterior coatings for inside and outside.

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