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Plants ,types of plants, uses of plants, grow more trees


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PLANTS He who plants a garden plants happiness


PARTS OF PLANTS Leaves Flower Stem Roots Bud


FUNCTIONS OF PARTS The ROOT is the part of the plant that takes in water and minerals for the plant. The STEM has vessels that transport mineral and water throughout the plant. The LEAVES make food for the plant. The FLOWER is the organ of reproduction in flowering plants

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HOW DO PLANTS GROW A seed will grow into a healthy plant when it gets sunlight, water, soil and air. The process by which a seed grows into a plant is called Germination


TYPES OF PLANTS There are many types of plants: Shrubs Herb Trailer Creeper Tree


SHURB Shurb is woody plant with many stems Eg .Rose bushes

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HERB Herb is a very small plant with soft stems Eg . Basil ( Tulsi )

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TRAILER Trailer has a weak stem . It creeps on the ground.Eg : pumpkin plant

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CREEPER Creepers has a weak stem. It climbs on trees and walls eg : grape vine

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TREE Tree is a big plant with a strong trunk and many branches.Eg Neem , Banyan tree

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USES OF PLANTS Plants filter air and give off oxygen for healthier air. Plants help in getting rain.

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Plants give us wood for making furniture and houses.

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Plants give us clothes.

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Plants give us medicines.

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Plants are also used in auspicious occasions.

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Trees are our best friends. The neem and peepal tree gives out maximum oxygen. planting them in the garden purifies the air around. So don’t cut trees… Save Tree Save Earth

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