nokia morph technology

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nokia new morph technology


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Nokia morph technology

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Morph is a concept demonstrating some of the possibilities nanotechnologies might enable in future communication devices.

definition of nokia morph:

The “ Nokia Morph” is a theoretical future device based on nanotechnology that might enable future communication devices. It is intended to demonstrate the flexibility of future mobile devices, in regards and form allowing the users to transform them according to their preference. It demonstrates the ultimate functionality that nanotechnology might be capable of delivering i.e. flexible materials, transparent electronics and self-cleaning surfaces. definition of nokia morph

Meaning of the word MORPH:

Transform quickly . Change shape. M eaning of the word MORPH

Features of morph concept:

Spider silk Haptic surface Wearable device Transparent electronics Cost effective Nanotechnology Sensing Nanoscale grass Self cleaning stretchable F eatures of morph concept


Wikipedia defines nanotechnology as manipulation of matter on an atomic and molecular state. nanotechnology

Why nanotechnology ??:

Nanotechnology enables materials and components that are flexible, stretchable, transparent and remarkably strong. . Fibril proteins are woven into a three dimensional mesh that reinforces thin elastic structures. The nanoscale mesh of fibers controls the stretching when the device is folded. W hy nanotechnology ??


The impact of nanotechnology in today’s world is boundless. It has reached its ultimate in many fields especially in medicine, cyronics , environment, energy, information and communication, heavy industry and consumer goods. And now this ever growing technology is designed to be used in mobile devices. Nokia first unveiled the idea of morph mobile phone way back in February 2008 at The Museum of Modern Art in New York city. impact


Nanotechnology allows control of physical properties Of nanostructures and devices with single molecular precision. impact


The phone is able to examine the environment using integrated sensors. This helps us to identify air pollution or any sort of poisonous substances that affect the environment. Nano scale sensors are used to improve resolution and stability of micro sensors. sensing

Morph enables us to observe our local environment:

Nokia Morph can interact with the surrounding environment and is capable of providing key information for anything from temperature changes to pollution i.e. Morph can sense its surrounding. analyzing air pollution, to gaining insight into bio-chemical traces and processes. New capabilities might be as complex as it may help us monitor evolving conditions in the quality of our surroundings, or as simple as knowing if the fruit we are about to enjoy should be washed before we eat it. M orph enables us to observe our local environment

Morph can detect specific chemical compounds in air:

Nanostructures can also enable robust chemical and bio­chemical sensing, especially in scenarios where nanoscale values are being measured. M orph can detect specific chemical compounds in air

Why it is used ???:

nanoscale is the scale of the fundamental processes of life, nanoscale chemical sensors can leverage principles and materials common to biological systems. Nanosensors construct a complete awareness of the user context–both personal and environmental enabling an appropriate and intelligent response. W hy it is used ???

Nanoscale grass:

N anoscale grass

Use of nanoscale grass:

It has ‘ nanograss ’ structures that harvest solar power for energy. Nanowire solar cells connected in nanowire networks are used. Silicon solar cells store large amount of solar energy. It also contains thin batteries which could store more energy and can also be easily recharged. The benefits are numerous and it is also cost effective. U se of nanoscale grass

Self cleaning:

The surface of morph is super hydrophobic . This makes it extremly dirt repellent. S elf cleaning

How it is self cleaning:

The phone has a self-cleaning surface because of its nanostructured surface called nanoflower . This kind of surface repels water, dirt and also fingerprints, reducing corrosion and giving the product a longer life. H ow it is self cleaning


The nanoscale structures of the electronics enables streching . strechable

How it is strechable ??:

A nanoscale mesh of fibers controls the streching when the device is folded. H ow it is strechable ??

Stength of the spider silk:

Morph mobile phone is specially designed with the main aim of giving flexibility. It can change its shape from a phone to a bracelet or to a folded design that can fit into your pocket. S tength of the spider silk

Use of spider's silk:

spider’s silk is used to create elasticity that enables the device to literally change shape and adapt to the new task. U se of spider's silk

Transparent electronics:

It uses TRRAM (Transparent Resistive Random Access Memory) technology to create transparency to the mobile device. Nanoscale electronics become invisible to human eye. T ransparent electronics

Haptic surface:

Buttons on the device surface are real 3D forms. H aptic surface

Wearable device:

W earable device

Cost effective:

Above all the most important fact that attracts human attention is that it is cost effective. It provides us with more functionality in a smaller space. This is achieved only because of the nanotechnology imparted. C ost effective

PowerPoint Presentation:

Nokia morph is expected to reach us by 2015 with greater features than the human mind would have ever expected. This will be a giant leap in the history of mobile phones where again nanotechnology will prove itself as a predominant scientific knowledge.

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