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AN INTRODUCTION TO GRAPHIC DESIGN Graphic design is also referred to as communication design in which a graphic designer combines text images page layout typography etc in order to communicate an idea or message

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COLOR CHOICES TYPOGRAPHY Color choices should not only reflect the organization but also user’s expectation. Typography also plays an important role in graphic design. Graphic designers work with both text and images. .

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GRAPHIC DESIGN USES Graphic design is applied to everything visual design can help in selling a product service or an idea. It is widely used in designing logos brochures websites visiting card etc and more services as a part of the branding of a company.

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GRAPHIC DESIGN SOFTWARE TOOLS Graphic designers form a part of branding team. Graphic design is becoming increasingly significant in the sales and marketing of products or services. Graphic Designers should be aware of the new and updated graphic design software. Some of the software are Photoshop GIMP Illustrator Inkscape Corel Draw Adobe InDesign.

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THE WORKPLACE OF GRAPHIC DESIGNER  Working as an in-house Graphic designer  Working as an agency Graphic Designer  Working as a freelance Graphic Designer  Start your own Graphic Design Company

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