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Measures Taken to Improve Industrial Relation : 

Measures Taken to Improve Industrial Relation

Strategies to Improve Industrial relation after takeover : 

Strategies to Improve Industrial relation after takeover The major tools used to improve the organization culture and to bridge the gap between the management and workers were:- Improvement in QWL The communication programme. Adapting local culture Integrating. Zero absenteeism is set as target.

Quality of Work Life(QWL) : 

Quality of Work Life(QWL) Compensation:-Better remuneration is provided to the workers. The minimum basic grade was Rs 290 per month plus RS 638 DA. Minimum gross emoluments amounted to Rs 4,500 rising to a maximum of Rs 12,500.Leave travel allowance, uniforms and incentives were additional. Incentives amounting approximately Rs300-Rs400 monthly.

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Leave:- Better leave policy helps to improve employee satisfaction Leave allowed per workers includes 8 days of casual leave, 15 for sick leave, 11 public holidays and 22 days of earned leave. Health Care and Safety:- Medical check ups are made every six beyond ESI coverage, the plant has its own medical emergency room and has standing arrangements with the nearest hospital. Safety equipment has been distributed and ear plugs and shoes are not only provided but a safety officer has been entrusted to ensure the usage.

The Communication Programme : 

The Communication Programme This programme helped to bridge the gap between the management and workers ALAP-A weekly individual communication program where an appointment must be made in advance by an employee with any senior manager on Thursday afternoons. AMANTRAN- A monthly meeting is held by the general manager and senior managers with one-third of the employees.

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ABEDAN-An individual as well as collective grievance machinery in the form of written pleas or complaints to the personnel manager is in place. ANWESHA and SUKRITI-This is a monthly house magazine and wall magazine devoted to events and developments in the plant. Floor leaders were encouraged to sort out problems over the phone.

Language strategy : 

Language strategy The use of local languages is done on a wider aspect to bridge the gaps between the workers and managers. The training rooms are renamed after local stalwarts in literature , education, social reform and so on.

Integration : 

Integration KAIL abolished the two canteens of Philips ,one for management staff and one for workers and combined it into one. On the festival days or special occasions, managers remain present through out and eat with the production employees. Personnel department officers make it a point to visit the ill or injured in hospital.

Zero Absenteeism : 

Zero Absenteeism To change the late attendence and absenteeism few measures are taken . It was decided to close the gate sharp at 15 mins past the entry time . Attempts are also made to understand the problems of employees. The campaign for better attendance involved a lot of time spent by the personnel departments officers with individual employee.

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