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Group Dynamics:

Group Dynamics Dr. G C Mohanta, BE, MSc(Engg), MBA, PhD(Mgt) Professor Al-Qurmoshi Institute of Business Management Hyderabad

Group Dynamics:

Group Dynamics Group dynamics deals with the attitudes and behavioral patterns of a group. Group dynamics are the interactions that influence the attitudes & behavior pattern of people when they are grouped with others. It is concerned with how groups are formed, what is their structure and which processes are followed in their functioning. It is concerned with the interactions and forces operating between the groups . It is relevant to groups of all kinds – both formal & informal.

Objectives of Group Dynamics:

Objectives of Group Dynamics To identify and analyze the social processes that impact on group development and performance. To acquire the skills necessary to intervene and improve individual and group performance in an organizational context. To build more successful organizations by applying techniques that provides positive impact on goal achievement.

Principles of Group Dynamics :

Principles of Group Dynamics The members of the group must have a strong sense of belonging to the group. Changes in one part of the group may produce stress in other person, which can be reduced only by eliminating or allowing the change by bringing about readjustment in the related parts. The group arises and functions owing to common motives.

Principles of Group Dynamics (Contd.):

Principles of Group Dynamics (Contd.) Groups survive by placing the members into functional hierarchy and facilitating the action towards the goals The intergroup relations, group organization and member participation is essential for effectiveness of a group. Information relating to needs for change, plans for change and consequences of changes, must be shared by members of a group.

Elements of Group Dynamics:

Elements of Group Dynamics Communication Content vs Process Decision Influence Task vs Relationships Roles Membership Feelings Norms Group Atmosphere Group Maturity

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