The Process of Perception

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The Process of Perception


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The Process of Perception:

The Process of Perception Dr. G C Mohanta, BE(Mech), MSc(Engg), MBA, PhD(Mgt) Professor Al-Qurmoshi Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad – 500005


Perception Perception is a process by which individuals organize and interpret their sensory impressions in order to give meaning to their environment. Perception is the process of receiving information about and making sense of the world around us. It involves deciding which information to notice, how to categorize this information and how to interpret it within the framework of existing knowledge.

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Factors influencing Perception Factors in the perceiver Attitudes Motives Interests Experience Expectations Perception Factors in the Target Novelty Motion Sounds Size Background Proximity Similarity Factors in the situation Time Work Setting Social Setting A number of factors operate to shape & sometimes distort perception. These factors can reside in the perceiver , in the object or target being perceived or in the context of the situation in which the perception is made.

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Receiving Stimuli (External & Internal) Selecting Stimuli External factors : Nature, Location,Size,contrast, Movement,repetition,similarity Internal factors : Learning, needs,age,Interest, Organizing Figure Background , Perceptual Grouping ( similarity, proximity, closure, continuity) Response Covert: Attitudes , Motivation, Feeling Overt: Behavior Process of Perception Interpreting Attribution ,Stereotyping, Halo Effect, Projection

The Process of Perception:

The Process of Perception Sensation An individual’s ability to detect stimuli in the immediate environment. Selection The process a person uses to eliminate some of the stimuli that have been sensed and to retain others for further processing. Organization The process of placing selected perceptual stimuli into a framework for “storage.” Translation The stage of the perceptual process at which stimuli are interpreted and given meaning.

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