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Grievance Management


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Grievance Management:

Grievance Management Dr. G C Mohanta, BE(Mech), MSc(Engg), MBA, PhD(Mgt) Professor Al-Qurmoshi Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad - 500005

Grievance :

Grievance A grievance is a complaint about an organizational policy, procedure or managerial practices or discomfort, whether it is valid or not A grievance is a complaint formally presented to a management representative or to a union official Complaints affecting one or more individual workers in respect of their wage payments, overtime, leave, transfer, promotion, seniority, work assignment and discharge would constitute grievance

Why Grievance Arise?:

Employee expectations Unfulfilled Dissatisfaction Grievance Why Grievance Arise?

Causes of Grievance :

Causes of Grievance Economic Work Environment   Supervision Work Group Miscellaneous

Causes of Grievances:

Causes of Grievances Grievance arises due to: unclear contractual language, resulting differing interpretation & application when supervisors behave dictatorially, refuses to listen to complaints, acts unfair or inconsistent violation by management of the labour agreement or violation of the law inspiration by the Union leaders lack of clear-cut company labour policy

Identifying Grievances :

Identifying Grievances Exit interview: Exit interviews can provide important information about employees’ grievances Gripe Boxes: These are boxes in which the employees can drop their anonymous complaints Opinion Survey: Through group meetings, periodical interviews with employees, collective bargaining sessions etc. employees’ dissatisfaction can be found out Open-door Policy: Employees can informally drop in the manager’s room any time and talk over their grievances

Grievance Procedures:

Grievance Procedures Through grievance procedure management deals with the complaint(s) of workers relating to employment relationship It is used to assure prompt & equitable solutions to problems/complaints arising It provides a systematic process for hearing and evaluating the complaints of employees It protects the right of employees & eliminate need for strikes due to disagreement on labour contract  

Grievance Procedures in Unionized Firms :

Grievance Procedures in Unionized Firms 1 . The employee who has a grievance or claim shall submit this to his immediate supervisor 2. Submitting the grievance to the employee’s union representative 3 . Appealing the grievance to the top management representative with the top union officials 4. Submitting the grievance to arbitration

Grievance Procedures in Non- unionized Firms:

Grievance Procedures in Non- unionized Firms 1. Presentation of the grievance to the supervisor who will settle the problem within specified period 2. If not satisfied, employee can elevate the complaint to the next higher level to resolve the grievance 3 . Case may be taken to arbitration if no satisfactory solution comes from the above procedures

Grievance Handling Process:

Grievance Handling Process

Grievance Handling Process in Unionised Firms:

Grievance Handling Process in Unionised Firms

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