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Program management component in Organization Development


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The Program Management Component:

The Program Management Component Dr. G C Mohanta, BE( Mech ), MSc( Engg ), MBA, PhD(Mgt) Professor Al- Qurmoshi Institute of Business Management, Hyderabad - 500005

Program management:

Program management All activities designed to ensure success of the program Consists of fact finding about the results of the actions. Focuses on: Did the action have desired effects? Is the problem solved or the opportunities achieved?

Phases of OD Program:

Phases of OD Program Entry Contracting Diagnosis Feedback Evaluation Intervention Planning change WARNER BURKE

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Program Management Component All OD programs follow a logical progression of events: Warner Burke describes the following phases of OD: Entry Contracting Diagnosis Planning change Intervention Evaluation

Entry :

Entry It represents the initial contact between consultant and client. Determine whether the problem or opportunity, the client and consultant constitute a good match.

Contracting :

Contracting It involves establishing mutual expectations, reaching agreement on expenditures of time, money, resources, and energy. Generally clarifying what each party expects to get from the other and give to the other.


Diagnosis It is a fact-finding phase. It has two steps: Gathering information Analyzing it.


Feedback It represents returning the analyzed information to the client system. The client explores the information for understanding, clarification, and accuracy.

Planning change :

Planning change It involves the clients deciding what actions steps to take based on the information they have just learned. Alternative possibilities are explored and plans for action are selected and developed.


Intervention It calls for implementing sets of actions designed to correct the problems or seize the opportunities.


Evaluation It represents assessing the effects of the program: What successes achieved? What changes occurred? What were the causal mechanisms? Are we satisfied with the results?

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