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Krinner Ground Screws for Solar Technology


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InnoTec Trading Ltd. presents

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Environmental protection begins with a solid, environmentally friendly foundation

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Krinner Ground Screws provide a solution for almost every foundation job

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Environment No compression of large areas Terrain remains undamaged No interference to spoil surrounding area Long service life Cheap and easily removable Reusable Costs And Technology Foundation provided in minutes No installation waiting time Can be subjected to loads immediately Maintenance free Installation under all weather conditions Minimum personnel requirements Cheaper than common foundations No digging – No concrete Precise positioning

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The KRINNER installation equipment Skid Steer mounted on tracks to protect the ground surface on the building site One man operation possible for high cost efficiency

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KRINNER is the leading manufacturer of Screw In Foundations for solar fields in Europe. The unique, environmentally friendly, time and cost saving foundation system is used for installations of solar fields and tracker systems in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Greece and the USA. Where common concrete foundations usually consume a tremendous amount of installation time and money, the KRINNER Ground Screws can be installed in a quarter of the time and are less expensive. The special installation equipment contributes to an almost invisible impact on the building site. And last but not least, the Ground Screws are easy to remove and re-usable.

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KRINNER solar projects all over Europe

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KRINNER solar projects all over Europe

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The KRINNER foundation and assembly system

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KRINNER Ground Screws also provides a KRINNER created, easy to install rack system for solar panels

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Pictures from a building site in Bavaria

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Bobcat mounted installation mast movie

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KRINNER Headquarters in Germany KRINNER has been manufacturing Ground Screws since 1997

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Represented in Canada and USA by InnoTec Trading Ltd. Call 1-888-395-7776 Sales Representative Doug Steven Phone: 1-250-791-6547

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