Ways to Stop Smoking

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Ways to Stop Smoking : 

Ways to Stop Smoking

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A lot of benefits can be derived if you quit smoking. Honestly, if you stop smoking, you will have good health and do better psychologically. During your years of smoking, you have abused your body system. The substances that comprise a single cigarette stick trigger the brain. This also affects the brain negatively. Smoking comes with a feeling of joy and a high. However, the aftereffects of smoking destroy the body system adversely. This could also be fatal. When you eventually stop smoking, you would have saved your body a lot of ailments and diseases such as cancer.

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Many people have suffered ailments such as coughs as well as problems with breathing and sneezing. If you stop smoking, these ailments would be reduced by almost ten percent. Stopping to smoke also drastically reduces the risk of getting lung cancer and heart attacks. Just as I have mentioned earlier, there are many benefits to be derived psychologically if you stop smoking. The greatest of them is an increase in self-confidence. This shouldn’t be viewed as simple because it has proved to be challenging to most people. You are not going to be an exception.

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Research has shown that people who smoke suffer from low sperm count and many other abnormalities. Women who are heavy smokers suffer from prolonged delivery; or worse still, they might end up having miscarriages. There is also a high probability that they will give birth to stillborn babies and premature babies. In fatal cases, the babies die just a few hours after being delivered.

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Research has also shown that if a baby is brought up in a smoking environment, he or she can easily suffer cot death. If you have children and still smoke, you are only exposing them to contracting diseases like bronchitis and pneumonia. They can also suffer from asthma and end up becoming heaving smokers too. You wouldn’t want to harm your family; it is therefore imperative that you stop smoking now!

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