Credit Repair Agencies Guide

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Credit Repair Agencies Guide : 

Credit Repair Agencies Guide

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If you have suffered credit score loss, then you need to take fast action to start your credit score repair.  With the financial crisis that has hit the US and Europe, many people have had their credit history tainted with derogatory remarks.   To counter act what has happened to your credit, you can follow some procedures that will stop the downward slide of your credit score.

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Simple errors are incorrect letters or numbers in your address, a letter missing from your middle name, or any other imperfection in your personal information.  Write down every error, then in a letter that you create and send to the agencies, document three errors and ask them to remove and correct them in your report.

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If you have made late payments, they will show up on your report.  Call the lenders of these accounts and ask if they will remove them.  Tell them you are now trying to make your payments on time and want to work with them to fully repay your loan.  If they do not want to remove the derogator remarks, write to the agencies and ask them to remove these accounts, since they have errors.  The lenders have 30 days to respond to your challenge, and if they don’t, the agency has to remove these accounts.

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Protecting your credit score should be one of your main financial goals.  Your credit will determine what you can buy on credit and what interest rate you will be charged.  Also, do your borrowing and payments with the idea of “improve credit score.”

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To start rebuilding your credit, apply for a prepaid credit card or a bank card that is backed by your saving account.  When you use this card, buy the goods you normally buy and then pay off the card within a week.  Keep the card balance low and this will help you build your credit back up. These are the nine basic tips that can get you started in rebuilding your credit report and score.

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