resealed erythrocytes

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Slide 1: 

Seminar on Resealed Erythrocyte Submitted by : Piyush R Gaudani m.pharm 2nd year pharmaceutics Department of Pharmaceutics, NIMS UNIVERSITY, Jaipur.

Content : 

Content Introduction Advantages Dis-advantages Method of drug loading Application conclusion

Erythrocytes : 

Erythrocytes Erythro= red Cytes = cell Biconcave discs, anucleate. Filled with hemoglobin (Hb), a protein that functions in gas transport Contain the plasma membrane protein spectrin and other proteins that: Give erythrocytes their flexibility Allow them to change shape as necessary

Erythrocytes : 

Erythrocytes Healthy adult male= 5.0 millions /cmm Healthy adult female= 4.5 millions/ cmm Matured RBCs have no nucleus Ribosome & Mitochondria . Therefore all space is available for drug carrier.


RESEALED ERYTHROCYTES Definition: Drug loading in body’s own erythrocytes when used to serve as controlled delivery system. They are biodegradable & biocompatible and can circulate intravascularly for days.(Act as circulatory drug depot) The drug need not be chemically modified & is protected from immunological detection & enzymatic inactivation.

Properties of erythrocytes as drug carrier moieties : 

Properties of erythrocytes as drug carrier moieties Biodegradability Circulate throughout the circulatory system. Large quantities of material can be encapsulated within a small volume of cell. Can be utilize for organ targeting within RES. A wide variety of bioactive agents can be encapsulated within them.

Slide 7: 

Advantages of erythrocyte as carrier Isolation is easy Non immunogenic Prolong systemic activity of drug large volume of drug can be encapsulated in small volume of erythrocytes Reduce Adverse Effect Peptide & Enzyme Delivery

Slide 8: 

Disadvantages Possibility of Leakage of cells & dose dumping Molecule Alter Physiology Of cell

Methods Of Drug Loading In Erythrocytes : 

Methods Of Drug Loading In Erythrocytes Membrane perturbation Electroencapsulation Hypoosmotic lysis Lipid fusion endocytosis Dilution method Preswell method Osmotic lyses method Dialysis method

Slide 10: 

Membrane perturbation method RBC Amphotericin B e.g. Chemical agents Increased permeability of RBC Resealing Buffer Drug Resealed RBC

Electro-insertion or Electro-encapsulation : 

Electro-insertion or Electro-encapsulation RBC 2.2 Kv Current for 20 micro sec At 250 C Pulsation medium + + Drug Loading suspension 3.7 Kv Current for 20 micro sec Isotonic NaCl Loaded RBC Resealing Buffer Resealed RBC Fig:- Electro-encapsulation Method

Dilutional Haemolysis : 

Dilutional Haemolysis RBC Membrane ruptured RBC Loaded RBC Resealed Loaded RBC 0.4%w/v NaCl Hypotonic Drug Loading buffer Resealing buffer Incubation at 250c Efficiency  1-8% Hypotonic med Isotonic med. Washed

Preswell Dilutional Haemolysis : 

Preswell Dilutional Haemolysis RBC 0.6%w/v NaCl Swelled RBC Drug + Loading buffer 5 min incubation at 0 0c Loaded RBC Incubation at 25 0c Resealing Buffer Resealed RBC Efficiency  72% Fig:- Preswell Method

Isotonic Osmotic Lysis : 

Isotonic Osmotic Lysis RBC Isotonically ruptured RBC Chemical – urea, polyethylene, polypropylene, and NH4Cl Physical rupturing Chemical rupturing Drug Isotonic Buffer Loaded RBC Resealed RBC Incubation at 250 C

Dialysis : 

Dialysis RBC Phosphate buffer + Placed in dialysis bag with air bubble Dialysis bag placed in 200ml of lysis buffer with mechanical rotator 2hrs. 4c. Drug Loading buffer Loaded RBC Dialysis bag placed in Resealing buffer with mechanical rotator 30 min 37c. Resealed RBC Efficiency  30-45%

Entrapment By Endocytosis:- : 

Entrapment By Endocytosis:- RBC Drug Suspension + Buffer containing ATP, MgCl2, and CaCl2 At 250 C Loaded RBC Resealing Buffer Resealed RBC Fig;- Entrapment By Endocytos Method

Applications of resealed erythrocytes : 

Applications of resealed erythrocytes Erythrocytes as carrier for enzymes Erythrocytes as carrier for drugs Erythrocytes for drug targeting Drug targeting to reticuloendothelial system Drug targeting to liver -Treatment of liver tumors -Treatment of parasitic diseases -Removal of RES iron overload -Removal of toxic agents

Applications of resealed erythrocytes : 

Applications of resealed erythrocytes Delivery of antiviral agents Oxygen deficiency therapy Microinjection of macromolecules Novel systems Nanoerythrosomes Erythrosomes

Numerous application have been proposed for the use of resealed erythrocytes as carrier for drugs , enzyme replacement therapy etc.. Resealed erythrocytes technology will remain an active area for the future research. Erythrocytes based delivery system with their ability to provide controllled and site specific drug delivery will revolutionize disease management. For the present it is concluded that erythrocyte carriers are “GOLDEN EGGS IN NOVEL DRUG DELIVERY SYSTEMS” considering their tremendous potential. conclusion

References : 

References Jain.S., Jain.N.K., resealed erythrocytes as drug carriers, Edited Jain N.K., Controlled And Novel Drug Delivery, New Delhi, CBS publishers, New Delhi, 2004, 256-281. Vyas S.P., Khar R.K., Targeted And Controlled Drug Delivery: Novel Carrier Systems, New Delhi, CBS publisher, 2004, 387-413. Indian Journal of Pharmaceutical Education & Research Vol. 43(4), Oct-Dec, 2009 , 375-386 Journal of Controlled Release 95 (2004) 27– 49

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