Gator Leak Detection uses High-End Pool Leak Detection Equipment


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Gator Leak Detection have professionals leak detection specialist who will completely check your pool and find the leaky area with high-end and the latest equipment. We also repair that leak and pool pumps and keep your pool running at its best. For more details about our pool leak detection service, visit


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Gator Leak Detection uses High-End Pool Leak Detection Equipment:

Gator Leak Detection uses High-End Pool Leak Detection Equipment


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Introduction Owning a swimming pool is one of the amazing things for the property owners. If your pool continuously decreases the water level, then it may have a leak. So you need a pool leak detection specialist to avoid some major issues. Having proper equipment to detect a pool leak will also help make the process much faster.

Gator Leak Detection:

Gator Leak Detection Gator Leak Detection is a well known pool leak detection company in Florida. We have licensed professionals to find a leak part in your pool and repair it as soon as possible. We implement various test method to find out the leaks in your pool with the latest equipment. Our leak detection professionals will understand your situation and provide best services at affordable cost.

Tips to Detection Pool Leaks:

Tips to Detection Pool Leaks At Gator Leak Detection, we provide some important tips to our clients about how to detect leak in their pool. If a pool is losing more than 1/8 of an inch over a 24 hour period. If your chemical treatment is not keeping the algae out of the pool. If the pool tiles are either loose or have fallen off completely. If you notice that the pool is appears to be cracked.

Our Services:

Our Services First of all, we take complete inspection of your pools and around its surface. Gator Leak Detection’s experienced professionals will detect leaks in your pool by performing some easy tests, including bucket test, dye test. During Dye test, we use ultra sonic listening technology to pinpoint your leak.

Contact Us:

Contact Us To avail our high-end pool leak detection equipment : Address: 6492 Kirsten Way #2 Lake Worth, FL 33467 Phone: 561-232-3880 Email:

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