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Welcome to the Pediatrics Conferences EUROPEAN WORLD CONFERENCE ON PEDIATRICS NEONATOLOGY ADOLESCENT CARE 18th-19th November 2019 Radissom Blu | Milan Italy

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PEDIATRICS Pediatrics is a child physician who provides medical care for infants children and adolescents. It has emerged into diferent branches like pediatric oncology pediatric immunology pediatric cardiology pediatric critical care. Pediatric surgeons have seen a surgical problem which is quite diferent from those commonly seen by adult or general surgeons. Pediatricians can play an important role in coordinating and focusing new and existing services to realize maximum beneft for all children. Childhood and adolescence when the growth and developmental processes are generally completed. Te responsibility of pediatrics may therefore begin during pregnancy and usually terminates by 21 years of age.

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PEDIATRIC IMMUNOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES Infectious diseases and immunology go hand in hand. A poor immune system leads to more susceptibility towards infectious diseases like sinusitis pneumonia abscesses etc. Te bacteria normally live on the skin eyelids nose and mouth and in the gut. Tese bacteria are called normal fora. Te normal bacteria in our mouths protect us by decreasing the chance that we will become infected with harmful bacteria and fungi but the normal balance of bacteria can be upset by antibiotics and some illnesses.

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CHILD NUTRITION AND DEVELOPMENT Adequate nutrition is one of the important factor infuencing growth immunity. A gap in intake of macro and micro nutrients can put a child into the vicious cycle that takes its toll on growth. Tis vicious cycle starts with inadequate nutrition and it may lead to infection impaired immunity. It is Surprise you that 70-80 of your immune cells are located in the digestive system. Te diferent nutrients such as ALALA Iron Choline Iodine can help give them a healthy start as their brain continues to develop. We can get ALA from foods like faxseedsoyabean and chickpeas because body body does not produce enough ALA which is an essential fatty acid kids need to consume it in the diet to meet the body’s needs.

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