3 Areas of Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance

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3 Areas of Residential Air Conditioning Maintenance Residential air conditioning systems are complex they are filled with mechanical electrical and electronic components. It would appear that a layman should have no place even considering working on this kind of equipment. To a certain extent that is true but there are some preventative maintenance tasks that anyone with some basic DIY skills can carry out. These three maintenance tips can help to prevent more expensive repairs but they are not a substitute for a professional service. If you’re in any doubt about what you’re doing stop and call a professional for advice. 1. A Water Leak: Sometimes people notice that there is a puddle of water that has formed under an air conditioning unit. Many people wrongly assume that this is some kind of plumbing leak and call out a plumber in error. In many cases this is actually caused by condensation that has collected inside the air conditioner in a drip tray. It may be the case that the drip tray drain has become clogged with dirt and debris. Having nowhere to go the collected condensate begins to overflow from the drip trap. It is possible to clean the condensate drain and get the unit draining again. 2. A Frozen Coil: Many people would consider a frozen evaporator coil on a residential air conditioning system to be quite normal. In fact this is quite a concerning development that needs urgent attention. It is the refrigerant that is cycled via the compressor through your system that removes the heat outdoors. However this refrigerant is not supposed to freeze at any point in this closed system. When coils are frozen they can become damaged and may even need to be replaced. There are three reasons why this may be happening they are a low level of refrigerant a dirty air filter and a damaged fan motor. A dirty air filter is easy to replace but refrigerant issues and damaged fans should be looked at by a professional. 3. Excessive Wear and Tear: As we mentioned earlier there are moving parts in your air conditioning system. Over time these parts can move around because of vibrations and wear and tear. This will result in strange rattling noises in your system that out of place. Keep an ear out for this kind of noise it is a warning that something is not right and a part needs to be adjusted or replaced. Call a professional get the problem corrected early and the repair bill will be lower. If they would like to know more about residential air conditioning Perth residents should contact us. Gas Air are your local air conditioning experts we supply install and service all kinds of domestic and commercial heating and cooling equipment. We pride ourselves on the high standard of our work and offer a professional yet affordable service. Get in touch for more information and we will be happy to answer any

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