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Commercial and Business Awareness for Senior Contact Centre Professionals

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Target Audience Learning and development managers, Trainers, HR Business Partners and senior operational professionals in the Contact Centre arena.

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What’s the impact? Productivity Customer loyalty Reduced cost of complaint Reduce attrition and occasional absenteeism Increase morale to increase performance Call length Wrap up time Increased order value

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The bluepotential Programme Pre-course online learning and assessment 3-day skills and knowledge development workshop Vocational assignment Observational and online assessments Verification and certification

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bluepotential programme and Licensed Practitioner Accreditation Quality of content and delivery verified by Centre of Vocational Excellence for Call Handling National awarding body – NCFE Measurement by internal assessments and external verification LP Certification and Learning Credits awarded at verified level of attainment

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Explore Navigate Essence Keep Net Yield Tides Currents Leagues

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Module 1 - Explore Introduction to bluepotential programme and toolkit Criteria for skills and knowledge application Key criteria for calculating return on investment

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Module 2 - Navigate Overview of the online learning and assessment system Benefits and application of blended learning and competence management Practical user training and guidance

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Module 3 – Yield Profit and loss Revenue and cost Balanced scorecards

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Module 4 – Essence Overview of morale and motivation How to engage the motivation levels in your team Incentives and rewards

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Module 5 – Keep Net Understanding attrition Identifying retention strategies Developing talent

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Module 6 – Tides Absence trends Measuring the impact of absence Strategies for reducing absence The benefits of effective absence management

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Module 7 – Currents Quality of coaching and performance Customer loyalty due to customer experience Enhance the assessment of coaching

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Module 8 – Leagues Balanced scorecards Identifying data Developing a service level agreement Principles of forecasting Capacity planning and scheduling Looks at the criteria affecting real time adherence Puts learning into practice in an operational context

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Online Learning and Competence Management

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Online Learning Courses

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Online Assessments

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Organisational Content Management

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Introducing the bluepotential Team Jez Fernandez: Account Manager Debbie Harris: Sales and Course Administrator Ian Tulloch: Course Facilitator and Assessor

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Costs The total bluepotential Licensed Practitioner Accreditation programme and toolkit (including online learning and assessment system branding and set up) is priced at £2,495 per delegate Additional Trainer Manual £175 License renewal fee £595 per annum Additional online system user license £90 per annum

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Thank You for Your Interest

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