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VA loans are not limited to purchasing existing single-family homes.

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VA entitlements and loan guarantees can also be used for other purposes such as: • Purchasing condos • Refinancing existing mortgages • Making residential improvements • Financing new construction projects

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Building a new home can be a very appealing option for veterans who would like to have more control over their choice of housing …

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… to this effect VA loans can be used for spec homes custom-built residences or even new construction projects in gated communities.

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The no-money down and loan guarantees offered by the VA apply to new construction but not all lenders will work with veteran borrowers in this regard.

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One problem with VA loans and new construction projects is that home builders tend to demand money upfront.

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A few builders familiar with the VA loan program will work with veterans and active duty families who wish to build a new home…

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…this is when well-connected mortgage brokers and lenders have an opportunity to shine if they have a working relationship with builders who understand that VA loans forego down payments.

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There are options to process what is known as a "true" VA construction loan… …which involves drawing funds from the mortgage principal and making payments to the builder as the construction advances.

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Another method involves approving veteran borrowers for short-term construction loans… …that will transform into full VA loans once the project is completed and papers are signed at the closing table.

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VA loans for construction projects must satisfy all the requirements of non-construction loans this means that they will need: • VA appraisals

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• Special processing • Certificate of eligibility • Builder must submit a certificate of completion and a construction warranty of at least 1 year.

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The process of purchasing an existing home with a VA loans is a lot more streamlined and traditional.

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The same VA lending standards will apply but applicants do not have to worry about issues such as short-term construction financing.

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Veterans who prefer to purchase newly built residences may be better off by looking into residential communities being developed by local or national builders.

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The options in this case may include purchasing model homes or waiting until a new phase or section of the neighborhood is completed…

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…this will require working closely with real estate professionals and VA lenders so that the purchase contract can be signed quickly to avoid other prospective buyers from submitting competing bids.

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In active housing markets such as Phoenix veterans have more choices for purchasing new construction homes due to the rapid pace of development in the region.

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Quite a few master-planned developments and gated communities with neat amenities are being completed in 2017 such as:

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• Fitness centers • Playgrounds • Nature preserves • Swimming pools

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These new developments are great opportunities for veterans who wish to move into new homes without having to go through the VA loan construction process.

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In fact these homes can be combined with the Home in 5 Program which is partly managed by the Industrial Development Authority of Maricopa County…

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…this program can significantly reduce out-pocket-expenses associated with new home purchases.

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In the end veterans should not be afraid to ask lenders about using VA loans to fund their new construction dream projects.

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However they should also keep in mind that new homes can also purchased through traditional VA loan means.

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Mortgage Originator Jimmy Vercellino specializing in VA loans helps veterans use their VA loan benefit to their greatest advantage.

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Be a proud homeowner today. For more details call 480-351-5904 or visit the site

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