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Middle School 101:

Middle School 101 Byron Middle School 2012-13



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CODE OF CONDUCT BYRON MIDDLE SCHOOL WE WILL CREATE A SAFE AND POSITIVE ENVIRONMENT WHERE ALL STUDENTS, STAFF, AND PARENTS/GUARDIANS FEEL WELCOME TO EXPRESS IDEAS, CONCERNS, ISSUES AND NEEDS. WE WILL SHOW RESPECT FOR OTHERS, OURSELVES, AND PROPERTY: By not preventing the teacher from teaching or other students from learning By not being physically or verbally assaulting (fights, threats, insults) By keeping our hands and feet to ourselves By complying with directions and requests By treating the facility and the property of others with care By using appropriate language and dressing appropriately Student Handbook – page 2 3



MS 101 - No Excuses:

MS 101 - No Excuses Excuses are for those who lack responsibility! The mission of the Byron District is to prepare all students for lifelong learning; create and maintain a safe and caring learning environment & coordinate the use of all district and community resources. As a school community – we are all involved in this TOGETHER! 5

MS 101 – No Excuses: Grading & Honor Roll:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Grading & Honor Roll Meaning of Letter Grade A Excellent quality and effort B Good quality and effort C Average quality and effort D Below standard quality and/or effort. Work has been turned in late or is not at an acceptable level of achievement. F Failing work Honor Roll – Calculation (High honor roll is 3.6 or higher. Honor roll is 3.2-3.59) A = 4.0 C+ = 2.3 D- = .6 A- = 3.6 C = 2.0 F = 0 B+ = 3.3 C- = 1.6 B = 3.2 D+ = 1.3 B- = 2.6 D = 1.0 Student Handbook page 10 6

MS 101 – No Excuses: Student Retention:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Student Retention Reasons for Retention: Indifference – lack of effort – not completing assignments Frequent absence Immaturity Summer School – Will be mandatory for students at risk for retention Credits – Grade 7 & 8 and Retention 7 th and 8 th grade students can earn 25 or 26 credits during the school year. Failing classes lowers the number of credits that the student earns. 7 th and 8 th grade students who earn 17 or fewer credits must attend summer school. 7 th and 8 th grade students who earn 15 or fewer credits will be retained. Student Handbook – page 9 & 10 7

MS 101 – No Excuses: Physical Education &Textbooks:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Physical Education &Textbooks Phy. Ed. – 65 minute classes Change of clothes required Locks recommended due to other teams using our locker rooms. (School purchased lock mandated) Textbooks & iPads Cost and replacement if damaged or lost Book covers encouraged. Library books follow same rules Student Handbook – page 8 8

MS 101 – No Excuses: Morning Routine:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Morning Routine NO HATS once you enter the building until school is dismissed. We will take your hat if you can’t remember to not wear it and we will give it back to you when we remember. Go directly outside or to the MPR. SIT in the MPR for safety and keep walkways clear. Keep voices quiet. If you MUST go to your locker, get a pass from the office. 9

MS 101 – No Excuses: LUNCH:

MS 101 – No Excuses: LUNCH You will walk patiently to lunch and not budge. If you speed, budge, or cut you will be seated at the detention table until everyone is through the line. Repeat offenders: detention. Keep the salad line clean. You will be EXCUSED by tables after all food and garbage are cleaned up. Do not excuse yourself until an adult gives the table permission to leave. Keep voices down and stay seated. Ask to use the restroom. Take only what you eat. Please and thank you are expected! NO SODA POP IS ALLOWED AT NOON! Parents/visitors can visit and eat lunch with students – however they need to check into the office prior to going to the cafeteria Student Handbook – page 15 10

MS 101 – No Excuses: RECESS:

MS 101 – No Excuses: RECESS No hands and feet rule!!! Even while on equipment and playing games. Stay within boundaries. Line-up single file at door to re-enter. You will be escorted back into the building by staff. Leave people out or treat people rudely and you will lose the right to be at recess. Tennis courts will be off-limits during winter. 11

MS 101 – No Excuses: INDOOR RECESS- Bad Weather:

MS 101 – No Excuses: INDOOR RECESS- Bad Weather You will be escorted to the MPR by your teacher. You will remain seated and keep voices down. You may bring books or homework. No electronic devices are allowed. If you eat first, you must have your garbage and trays returned at the same time as usual. You cannot wait until the end of the 30 minutes. Staff will excuse by tables at the end of lunch. 12

MS 101 – No Excuses: BUS RULES & LINE-UP:

MS 101 – No Excuses: BUS RULES & LINE-UP -Sit in appropriate place on the bus according to age -Backs against the seat -Legs in front of you -Faces forward -Whispering Voices only -Hands to yourself -No eating -No drinking -No inappropriate language -ALL SCHOOL RULES APPLY!!! -WALK to get in bus line. Stand single file. No hands/feet. -Stay off of the sidewalk while waiting for the bus. -Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right. 13

MS 101 – No Excuses: Health Office & Medication Continued:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Health Office & Medication Continued Over the Counter Medications Examples – Tylenol, Aspirin, Tums Parent authorization form is required Students younger than 7 th grade are not allowed to carry their own medications Students in 7 th grade or older can carry and self-administer over the counter medications after completing the authorization form and have parent and Doctor permission. Student Handbook – page 13 14

MS 101 – No Excuses: Participation Fees, Extra and Co-curricular Activities:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Participation Fees, Extra and Co-curricular Activities Activities Available to MS Students “Kicked Out of Class…” Will not participate in the next scheduled athletic/extra curricular event Suspension from school results in not participating in the next scheduled athletic/extra curricular event as well! Student Handbook – page 11 15

MS 101 – No Excuses: ASK (After School Kids):

MS 101 – No Excuses: ASK (After School Kids) Each Monday and Wednesday from 3:00-4:00 PM, “ASK” is held in the middle school media center. Begins Monday, September 17. Homework help club with teachers and high school student volunteers: homework or projects, need access to computers, or need additional instruction This is not a punishment! Snacks are served to the students who attend ASK Student Handbook – page 14 16

MS 101 – No Excuses: Telephone Usage and Cell Phones:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Telephone Usage and Cell Phones Telephone Adult permission is needed to use any school telephone Students should have a good reason to use the telephone. Making after school social plans is NOT a good reason Cell Phones NOT allowed during the school day 7:50 AM-2:50 PM Must be turned off and left in the student’s locker during the school day unless a teacher approves the use of it for educational purposes. Student Handbook – page 14 & 20 17

BMS Electronic Device Policy:

BMS Electronic Device Policy Q: When can you use any electronic devices such as iPods, iPads , cell phones, game systems, etc. in school? A=Only when you have permission by an adult and only for educational purposes . No personal use is allowed from 8:00-2:50 p.m. No use during lunch or recess is allowed. Q=What happens if I break the Code of Conduct and use an electronic device without permission? A=Your device will be confiscated and turned into the office. 1 st Offense: Warning & Parent Phone Call 2 nd Offense: Detention, Parent Phone Call, Parent Pick-up, Turn in device to Office daily 3 rd Offense: Detention, Parent Phone Call, Parent Pick-up, Suspension, Turn in device to Office daily Q: What if I video, text, call, take photographs, Twitter, Facebook, e-mail, etc. while I am at school? A=Your device will be confiscated and turned into the office. Depending upon the degree of the violation… 1 st Offense: Warning & Parent Phone Call 2 nd Offense: Detention, Parent Phone Call, Parent Pick-up, Turn in device to Office daily 3 rd Offense: Detention, Parent Phone Call, Parent Pick-up, Possible removal from all computer access and/or Suspension, Expulsion, and/or legal and law enforcement proceedings. 18

Violations may include but are not limited to::

Violations may include but are not limited to: *Sharing/stealing/misusing passwords *Transmission of unwanted or inappropriate e-mails *Chat lines, bulletin boards, forums (unless previously approved by teacher) *Viewing or engaging in activities that are pornographic or drug related *Changing, altering, bypassing, or attempting to bypass any computer security measures *Getting past filtered Internet sites *Downloading or installing applications *Attempting to hide files or activity *Undermining, subverting, hacking, or cracking the network *Destroying, defacing, or altering equipment *Deleting or modifying files not belonging to yourself *Attempting to access any account belonging to other students, faculty, or staff *Introduction or attempting to introduce malicious software (School officials have the discretion to respond individually to each situation and take legal and law enforcement action when appropriate. The school also reserves the right to monitor, confiscate, and investigate activity occurring on school equipment.) 19

MS 101 – No Excuses: Bus Passes, Early Out & Tornado Release Protocol:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Bus Passes, Early Out & Tornado Release Protocol Students must have a note or have a parent call the office if they are planning riding a different bus home or are getting off at a different stop. The note should be dropped off before school! Buses will not transport groups for birthday parties or sleepovers. In the event of an early dismissal – students and parents need to make prior arrangements . Calls to go to someone’s house to “hang out” will not be allowed Students will not be allowed to go home with another parent/teenager/adult/friend unless the office has gotten written permission from the parents. The school WILL NOT transport extra students home to birthday parties or special occasions. If there is a tornado/severe storm threat – students WILL NOT be released until the threat has passed 20

MS 101 – No Excuses: School Hours:

MS 101 – No Excuses: School Hours School Hours 8:00 AM-2:50 PM Students have the option to play outside, sit in the cafeteria or on assigned days in winter, play in the gym prior to the first bell (with adult supervision on duty) Students who need extra help from teachers prior to the start of the school day must make arrangements with the teacher and have a pass from that teacher to get into the academic areas NO students are allowed to ‘hang out’ in teacher’s classrooms prior to the first bell, at noon, or after school unless they are getting academic help from the teacher Students who are NOT involved in after school activities are expected to go home at the end of the school day Student Handbook – page 16 21

MS 101 – No Excuses: Drop off and Pick up of Students, Attendance and Tardiness:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Drop off and Pick up of Students, Attendance and Tardiness Parents should drop off or pick up students at the auditorium doors at the beginning and at the end of the day! NO PICK UP is allowed at the front of the school when buses are coming and going When a student is absent from school, we require the parent/guardian to call the middle school office A note from the parent/guardian is required upon the student’s return to school as well Students need to pick up and complete a “make-up” sheet for missed classes Over sleeping is NOT an excused absence 3 unexcused absences WILL result in an after school detention Student Handbook – page 16 22

MS 101 – No Excuses: Truancy :

MS 101 – No Excuses: Truancy Truancy is an unexcused absence from class or school Leaving school or class without permission Absent from school without parent verification Absent from class without permission Obtains a pass for a specific destination and does not report there Becomes ill and goes home or stays in the restroom instead of reporting to the nurse’s office 7 unexcused truancies will result in a truancy citation filed with the county attorney Student Handbook – page 16 23

MS 101 – No Excuses: Appointments and Leaving School During the School Day:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Appointments and Leaving School During the School Day Parents must report to the office and sign their child in or out Students should bring a note from their parents and give it to the school secretary in the morning. The secretary will give the student a hall pass that will allow the student to leave class in time to meet their parents in the office Students who do not bring in a note from their parents will be called to the office when their parent/guardian arrives All students must be dismissed from the office – not the classroom Students will not be allowed to leave school without a designated adult who has signed the student out Appointments should be scheduled outside of the school day if possible Student Handbook – page 17 24

MS 101 – No Excuses: Recess, Bicycles, Skateboards, Heelies:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Recess, Bicycles, Skateboards, Heelies Students who ride bicycles to school should park and secure them in the bike racks Skateboards are allowed at school only if they do not become a discipline issue – this privilege can be revoked at any time Bikes and skateboards should not be ridden through the bus lines – bikes and skateboards should be ‘walked’ to the edge of the school property (front of school only) Heelies are not allowed in school Skateboards should be secured in a student’s locker during the school day Students are asked to dress appropriately for the weather – all students have an assigned recess time Students with medical issues will be allowed to remain inside during recess The media center is available for student use during recess – passes are required and should be picked up from the media center that same morning Student Handbook – page 18 25

Quiz – MS 101 – Class 1 – Day 1:

Quiz – MS 101 – Class 1 – Day 1 Name 3 ways of showing respect that is listed on the MS Code of Conduct. What are two things that are required or recommended for physical education classes. To make the “A” honor roll you must have a grade point average of _____ or higher. T or F Middle School students can be retained (repeat the same grade level) Name two ways that students would not be allowed to participate in an extra-curricular event. T or F Students are allowed to carry or store their own medications What does “ASK” stand for? What days is “ASK” held? What time is “ASK” held? T or F All students need permission to use a school telephone. 26

Quiz – MS 101 – Class 1 – Day 1:

Quiz – MS 101 – Class 1 – Day 1 What is the rule for using electronic devices? What is the consequence for breaking the electronic device policy? T or F Pop is allowed at noon. What must students have in order to ride a different bus home or get off at a different bus stop? T or F During a severe storm, students will not be released until the storm is over. List the areas where students are allowed prior to the first bell in the morning. T or F students can ‘hang out’ in teachers’ room if they want to. Where should parents drop off or pick up students at the beginning or at the end of the school day? T or F Both a call and a note from a parent are expected if a student is absent. T or F Oversleeping is NOT an excused absence. 27

Quiz – MS 101 – Class 1 – Day 1:

Quiz – MS 101 – Class 1 – Day 1 3 unexcused absences results in what consequence? If you stay home from school without an excuse – it is called what? T or F Parents MUST sign-in and sign out their children in the office. Bikes and skateboards should not be ridden where? T or F Heelies are not allowed in school. T or F The principal can not take away the privilege of using skateboards if students are misusing them or there are problems What do you need in order to stay in the media center during the noon hour? When should you get this? 28



MS 101 – No Excuses: Dress Code:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Dress Code Appropriate dress will be expected Pictured or printed t-shirts that advocate behavior that is illegal, contains profanity, or has reference to drugs, alcohol or sexual behavior are not allowed Short shorts, short skirts, pajamas, mid-driff tops, spaghetti strap tops, low cut tops are not allowed Shorts and skirts should pass the ‘end of the finger tip test’ No undergarments may be showing at any time Tank tops must be as wide as three fingers Hats are not allowed and need to be removed upon entering the school Visible underwear is not allowed. Students may be required to wear a belt supplied by the school Any gang related clothing, posturing, or displaying of ‘colors’ is not allowed Students will be asked to correct their dress before being allowed back in class Students may be sent home to change clothes or be assigned detention for continued disrespect of the dress code Student Handbook – Page 19 30

MS 101 – No Excuses: Lockers and Valuables in School:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Lockers and Valuables in School All students will be assigned their own personal lockers – students should not access other students’ lockers at any time. Students may purchase a school lock for their lockers @ $5.00 each. Locks that are not purchased through the school will be removed. Lockers may be searched by school or authorities at any time. Students who bring valuable items to school should secure them in their lockers (with a lock) during the school day. If an item is missing from a student’s locker, it is essential to report that to a teacher or the office immediately. Once students leave school for the day – it becomes very difficult to recover missing items. Electronic games and iPods are allowed during morning and noon recess . Not during class time. These should be secured in lockers. Lost and found should be checked daily by students. Twice a year, the lost and found items are either thrown away or given to Goodwill. Student Handbook – Page 20 31

MS 101 – No Excuses: District Discipline Policy:

MS 101 – No Excuses: District Discipline Policy Possession of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or any paraphernalia associated with alcohol, drugs or tobacco is strictly prohibited on school property. Law enforcement will be contacted immediately. Public Display of Affection (PDA) – hand holding, kissing, etc. is not allowed anywhere at Byron Middle School. Students are expected to know and follow all bus rules. Students who do not follow the bus rules will have consequences both on the bus and at school. (Please review expectations on page 21 of the student handbook) Behavior violations fall under 4 categories: Violations against persons Violations against property Violations against administrative procedures Other (Please review these violations on page 22 of the student handbook) 32

MS 101 – No Excuses: Discipline and Consequences:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Discipline and Consequences Consequences are assigned according to the severity of the act or the frequency. Consequences can include: Warning Warning with parent contact/conference and discipline report mailed home Noon detention (served at a special table in the lunchroom – no recess – basic lunch only) After school detention (3:00-4:00 PM Tuesdays and Thursdays) In-school suspension Out of school suspension Moved to another school Expulsion Law Enforcement involvement (Or a combination of any of the above) If you fight or assault someone at Byron Middle School, you will be suspended! If you destroy school property – law enforcement will be called! 33

MS 101 – No Excuses: What is a Weapon?:

MS 101 – No Excuses: What is a Weapon? Weapons fall under two categories: Articles designed to hurt or frighten others: guns, knives, clubs, explosives, chains, ammunition, pellet guns, look-alike guns, lasers etc. Articles designed for other purposes but which are actually used to hurt or frighten others: bullets, scissors, compasses, letter openers, screw drivers, shockers, pencils, pins, tacks etc. Students who possess a weapon on school property or use an article (like a scissors) as a weapon will automatically be suspended from school for 5 days, police and parents will be notified, and the student will be recommended for expulsion. Students who find a weapon or know of someone possessing a weapon should tell an adult immediately. Student Handbook – page 23 34

MS 101 – No Excuses: Harassment & Bullying:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Harassment & Bullying Act like they rule the world Act mean Act rude Attack people Boss people around Break people’s things Carry weapons Cheat Damage people’s things Embarrass people Force people to hand over their possessions or money Frighten people Gossip Harass people Haze people Internet harassment Use verbal taunts Threaten Hit Insult people Intimidate people Make fun of people Make obscene gestures Make racist or sexist comments Make people do things they don’t want to Leave people out Lie Name-call Pick on or attack people because of their race, religion, gender, family background, culture, etc. Say nasty things about people Say sarcastic things to people Spread rumors Taunt Tease 35

MS 101 – No Excuses: How to Report:

MS 101 – No Excuses: How to Report BULLYING REPORTING FORMS *Located in the office or complete electronically by going to the BMS website, scroll down to find Bully Tipline link Your Name ______________________________________________ First Name Last Name Your Grade and Teacher: _______________ I need to report a bullying offense that happened to me. I need to report a bullying offense that I saw happen to someone. Date that this happened: ___________________ Where this happened: ___________________________________ Someone will be in contact with you very soon! Thank you for helping us make this school a better place for all kids. (These forms can be obtained from a teacher or in the office. Place completed forms in the Bully Box in the office.) 36

PowerPoint Presentation:

Anti-Bullying Pledge – Students We the students of ______________________________ agree to join together to stamp out bullying at our school. We believe that everybody should enjoy our school equally, and feel safe, secure and accepted regardless of color, race, gender, popularity, athletic ability, intelligence, religion and nationality. Bullying can be pushing, shoving, hitting, and spitting, as well as name calling, picking on, making fun of, laughing at, and excluding someone. Bullying causes pain and stress to victims and is never justified or excusable as "kids being kids," "just teasing" or any other rationalization. The victim is never responsible for being a target of bullying. By signing this pledge, we the students agree to: Value student differences and treat others with respect. Not become involved in bullying incidents or be a bully. Be aware of the school's policies and support system with regard to bullying. Report honestly and immediately all incidents of bullying to a faculty member. Be alert in places around the school where there is less adult supervision such as bathrooms, and corridors. Support students who have been or are subjected to bullying. Talk to teachers and parents about concerns and issues regarding bullying. Work with other students and faculty, to help the school deal with bullying effectively. Encourage teachers to discuss bullying issues in the classroom. Provide a good role model for younger students and support them if bullying occurs. Participate fully and contribute to assemblies dealing with bullying. I acknowledge that whether I am being a bully or see someone being bullied, if I don't report or stop the bullying, I am just as guilty. Signed by: _______________________________________ Print name: _______________________________________ Date: __________________ 37

MS 101 – No Excuses: Hazing and Internet/Computer Use:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Hazing and Internet/Computer Use Hazing is a violation of the district school policy. Hazing means doing something or making another student do something that creates a risk of harm to a student in order for the student to be initiated into (allowed to be a part of) a student organization, team, club etc. All students using a computer and accessing the internet at school must sign a user agreement. (See and review pages 24-26 – Student Handbook) Students who violate the computer agreement will lose the privilege of using school computers or accessing the internet. The school has a filter and software that immediately notifies us if a student is visiting an inappropriate internet site. It only takes a few minutes to identify the student, and consequences are immediate. 38

MS 101 – No Excuses: Behavior at Extra-curricular Events Behavior at Assemblies :

MS 101 – No Excuses: Behavior at Extra-curricular Events Behavior at Assemblies Extra-curricular Games: Students are expected to demonstrate rules of good sportsmanship and conduct while in attendance at events. If rules are not followed, the students will be asked to leave without a refund of their tickets and could lose the privilege of attending any future school events. NO RUNNING OR PLAYING GAMES at Football games. You are there to watch! Assemblies: Sit in assigned areas with assigned teacher If asked by an adult to move to another seat – do so immediately Listen and support those who are speaking Inappropriate comments are not allowed All school rules apply Participate as appropriate Students will be dismissed by teachers/principal 39

MS 101 – No Excuses: Fire Drills:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Fire Drills When the fire alarm sounds, all students are to quietly leave the classroom and leave the building through the nearest exit. (follow teacher directions) All windows in the classroom should be shut No students will be allowed to go to their lockers All books and materials will be left in the classroom Teachers need to take roll call upon exiting the school Students need to stand quietly in the assigned area (in a row – not a bunch) until the all clear has been given (follow teacher directions) If a student is in the bathroom during a fire drill, they should leave the building using the nearest exit and find their teacher/class and check in There will be 5 fire drills during the school year! 40

MS 101 – No Excuses: Lock Downs/Drills and Security:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Lock Downs/Drills and Security When a ‘lock-down’ announcement is made, all lights must be turned off, blinds closed and the door locked. All students and staff must move to an area in the classroom where they can not be seen through the door or a window. It must be completely SILENT! No talking, giggling, or moving about is allowed. All students and staff MUST remain silent and in their designated area until the all clear code is given (follow teacher directions!) If a student is moving in the hallway during a lock down, they should enter the nearest classroom. If a student is in the bathroom during a lock down, and not able to get to a classroom, they should stand on top of the toilet and remain completely still and silent. If a class is outside during a lock down, they should quickly and quietly move away from the school as quickly as possible and stay together as a group (follow teacher directions) ALL TEACHERS WHO TAKE STUDENTS OUTSIDE DURING THE SCHOOL DAY MUST TAKE A TWO WAY RADIO WITH THEM. THERE ARE 2 AVAILABLE IN THE TEACHERS’ LOUNGE! There will be 5 lock down drills during the school year. 41

MS 101 – No Excuses: Security at Byron Middle School:

MS 101 – No Excuses: Security at Byron Middle School All doors except the front door will be locked during the school day. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED to wedge/hook open a door during the school day (using a rock, stick, rug, etc) Anyone caught doing this will have severe consequences! Classroom doors should be closed and locked when unoccupied. If students have purchased a school lock, they should use them appropriately. If an unknown adult is in the school without a name badge or a visitors badge, it should be reported to a staff member or to the office immediately. The school has cameras in all hallways, and outside of the school. Individuals who are misbehaving can be viewed on these cameras! 42



Quiz – MS 101 – Class 2 – Day 1:

Quiz – MS 101 – Class 2 – Day 1 Name 5 clothing items or issues that are not allowed in school. T or F It is ok for underwear to show at school. When should hats be removed? If you want a lock for your lockers – where do you have to get one? How much do they cost? T or F Your locker can never be searched by school officials. When can you use iPods or Electronic games? Name 3 items that are NEVER allowed on school property. What is PDA? Is it allowed in school? Name 4 consequences for inappropriate behavior. If you fight at school – what consequence will you have? T or F A laser is considered a weapon. T or F A scissors that is used in a threatening manner will be considered a weapon. 44

Quiz – MS 101 – Class 2 – Day 1:

Quiz – MS 101 – Class 2 – Day 1 What should a student do if they know of someone who has a weapon in school? T or F The school NEVER calls law enforcement. Name 5 ways that students can bully others. What should you do if someone is bullying you or you see someone bullying another person? Where can you find the bully reporting form? What must be signed in order to use a computer at school? What are the consequences of misusing a computer or visiting an inappropriate internet site? What rules apply at extra-curricular events or games? T or F Gum is allowed at Byron Middle School. 45

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