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Wanna celebrate your birthday, check 20 wild party ideas for your party and have fun like never before. We have selected carefully party ideas. Source: PlanetJashn.com and 9Gag.com


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20 Wild Party Ideas:

20 Wild Party Ideas From: PlanetJashn.com

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We all love parties and games. So if you are planning to throw a party to your friends , then you must prepare in advance to make your party successful. To make it hit you must add some interesting games in your party. Here with 9GAG association, we are sharing some ideas for party games that you can add into your party. Here is a list of fun games and activities that can be enjoy at parties.

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Drinking Buddy party - Everyone gets paired at random, (ideally opposite sex) and linked together with handcuffs, zip ties or anything else you can find. Every pair needs at least one bottle of wine, champagne or a 40oz of beer. The pair has to finish the bottle as they converse with each others friends. Good way to get two groups of friends mingling together. Good luck going to the bathroom though. Hipster or Homeless - People dress up as either one. You write what you are on a piece of paper and put it in your pocket. You spend the night guessing. Hipsters and the homeless look almost exactly the same. Usually the only difference is the glasses or trimmed beard. Good luck. No Cell Phone party - Everyone's cell phone is locked in a closet upon entry. People will be literally sweating for 30 minutes. Then the drinking and talking begins. Human interaction. Weird stuff.

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4. Blackout party - Remove all the light bulbs from the house and tell everybody to bring a flashlight. It might get pretty weird, but the drinking will most likely help. 5. Snow Pants or No Pants - Pretty straight forward. You're only allowed to wear snow pants or no pants at all. Since summer is rolling around, snow pants will probably become less likely. 6. Three Parts party - You can only wear three items of clothing. For example, 1 sock, pants and a shirt. Leaves fort ton of possibilities, like choosing to just wear 3 socks... You can imagine the rest. 7. A-B-C pt.1 : Anything But Clothes party - People can wear anything but clothes. e.g. trash bags, saran wrap, lampshades, tape, cardboard boxes, or whatever wild things you can come up with. As long as it isn't even close to be considered clothing.

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8 . A-B-C pt.2: Anything But Cups party - Everyone bring a non cup to drink out of. (e.g. dog bowl, old scuba helmet, cone, leather bag). Most of these "cups" will be pretty hard to put down, so everyone will be forced to drink. TIP: Combine pt.1 with pt.2 for an extra wild night. Eighties Aerobics party - Spandex. Spandex everywhere. Graffiti Party . Everyone comes wearing a plain white shirt or some sort of cheap white top. Then everyone gets a marker when they come in. Things will start to get crazy after a few drinks, great way to break the ice. On top of it all, you might wake up with a couple names and numbers if you're lucky. TIP: It is best to use washable sharpies, that way it will easily come out of any furniture, flooring, walls or people that it may get written on. Rubik's Cube party - Come dressed in as many different coloured items ( colours of the Rubik's Cube) as possible. The goal is to swap clothing with other people until you are only wearing one colour . Definitely a good way to force some social interaction.

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12. Monopoly Mayhem - $5 for invited guests. They receive $500 in Monopoly money when they arrive. You then make wagers or dares with people throughout the night, and the person with the most Monopoly money at the end gets the real money. It really picks up when you realize you can 'dare' people to make out with you. 13.1 Shouldn't Be Here party - Dress as you were supposed to be doing anything but being at a party. Eg . Scuba gear, girls in nighties etc... 14. High School Stereotype party - Everyone comes dressed as a high school stereotype, but the catch is that it can't be the one that you might have been in high school. 15. Boots n' Boxers party - There's just something extremely sexy about a girl in a pair of boots and boxers. 16. Silly Hats Only party - Hats are mandatory, the more creative and hilarious the better. Not of that baseball cap garbage. It'll get dozens of people out of their comfort zones and mingling with others in no time.

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17. The Player Hater's Ball - Everyone dresses as ridiculously pimped out as they can, and you spend the night drinking and insulting each other. 18. Gender Bender party - Basically, guys dressed up like girls, girls dressed up like guys and everyone gets crazy drunk. Two reasons why this party is amazing. 1- The guys will look pretty funny trying to fit into low cut tops and short skirts. 2 - As the night goes on, people get more and more drunk, enough to momentarily forget that they are at Gender Bender. As a result, guys (dressed as girls) might start drunkenly chatting up someone in a girls costume, forgetting that it is a guy. Can happen to girls as well, but usually not as often. 19. A Recession Dressin ' party - You can only wear a total of $15.00 (or some other predetermined amount) of clothing. You must have the receipts on your body somewhere. You can choose to wear cheap exterior clothing and no underwear, or just wear slightly more expensive underwear. Can't really go wrong either way. 20. Black Tie and Board Shorts party - Black tie from the waist up and beachwear from the waist down. Definitely a summertime hit, especially if a pool is accessible.

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