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Here is a list of fun games and activities that can be enjoy at parties. 1 Speed Stacker 2 Knockdown 3 Balloon Blow 4 Act It Out 5 How’s It Hangin 6 Junk In The Trunk 7 Eat The Donut 8 Wacky Duck 9 Wrecking Ball 10 Balloon Stomp credit: http://www.momjunction.com/articles/fun-party-games-for-teenagers_00350826 http://www.planetjashn.com


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10 Fun Party Games For Teenagers:

10 Fun Party Games For Teenagers From: PlanetJashn.com

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We all love parties and games. So if you are planning to throw a party for your Teenagers friends, then you must prepare in advance to make your party successful. To make it hit you must add some interesting games in your party. Here with Mom Junction association, we are sharing some ideas for party games that you can add into your party. Here is a list of fun games and activities that can be enjoy at parties.

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1 Speed Stacker As the name says, Speed Stacker is a stacking game that lets your boys use their gray cells and have a little fun.

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2 Knockdown Arrange the party cups like a pyramid or any other structure that the kids cannot demolish easily.

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3 Balloon Blow Balloon Blow is a simple balloon game that your teens will love. The best part is it can be played indoors.

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4 Act It Out Act It Out is a fun play-acting game your girls will love.

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5 How’s It Hangin How’s It Hangin is yet another fun teen party game that you can organize at home.

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6 Junk In The Trunk Junk In The Trunk is a fun party game that involves a lot of shaking and jumping!

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7 Eat The Donut This one requires the boys to jump high and get the donut!

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8 Wacky Duck Wacky Duck is a fun party game that can be played at any place that has space. The game requires proximity between players, which makes it all the more exciting for teens.

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9 Wrecking Ball Wrecking Ball is a minute-to-win party game that boys will enjoy playing.

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10 Balloon Stomp Balloon Stomp is an outdoor party game that your teens can play in your backyard. It is a group game and can get noisy with the balloons bursting and players shouting with joy.

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