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The main objective of creating 'DISORDER’ IN ORDER? is to create awareness about mental health urge people to take it seriously.


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Social media campaign on 'DISORDER' INORDER? :

S ocial media campaign on 'DISORDER' INORDER?

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The main objective of creating 'DISORDER’ IN ORDER? is to create awareness about mental health. Objective

About the campaign:

Today our lives reek of flashing tempos and consequent emotional detachments. These render latent but significant fractures to our minds and disorders in our behaviors Unfortunately, in India, psychological disorders are not even conceded as ‘diseases’. People neglect the possibility of them being mentally ill because they are not even aware that mental disturbances like phobias, nightmares and anxiety are psychological infirmities. The reluctance to visit a psychiatrist is augmented by the social stigma of being labeled as a ‘ pagal ’. Due to this stigma, it is easier for people to turn to faith healers and temple doctors. More than 50% of those ailing shun getting diagnosed.  About the campaign

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This campaign aims to encourage people to discard the “ pagal prejudice” and bring about a positive change in their attitudes. It also urges people to take their mental health seriously. 

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Myth Buster:

This is the first initiative of the campaign. We started with gathering vox pops regarding various myths circumventing o mental illnesses and psychological disorders prevalent in our society. We were surprised to see that people from various walks of life actually bought these. Later, the myths were followed by their logical and factual counterpart realities which were supported by the creative visual and graphical representations. Myth Buster

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World Health Day:

We innaugrated our facebook confessions page 'Disorder' in Order confessions on the World health day whose theme this year coincided with that of our campaign.We encouraged our face book viewers to become a part of our campaign by sharing their experiences with mental disorders. This initiative was made in order to motivate people to take mental health seriously and also to increase engagement. World Health Day

Disorder in Order? Confessions Page:

The confessions page was formed to stir public participation in this campaign which had given people the platform to share their experiences regarding mental disorders, their struggle and their way through it respecting their personal space. We received a fairly good response through written notes and facebook messages All the stories were posted unedited on the page. Disorder in Order? Confessions Page

Self Tests:

We feel that getting one's self checked is the first step towards taking his mental health seriously. Thus we encouraged people to take up t ests by ‘Psychology Today’ and ‘’. The tests were easy and personal. Self Tests

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The Depression Awareness Week is a seven-day observance run by Depression Alliance every year. The page supported the initiative by providing its page viewers with a depression test to check their level of depression. A fun video, ‘comedy for depression alliance’- Milton Jones was also put up. # depressionawarenessweek2015

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Through this campaign, we aimed at urging people to overcome existing prejudices regarding mental disorders and change their take- posted creative visual representations. # puncturetheprejudice

#didyouknow :

The # didyouknow , as the name suggests, is a daily trivia series which aims to make people aware about interesting facts on mental health. For instance, the trivia includes historical perceptions of man about mental illnesses and his response towards them at that time. # didyouknow

Expert Advice :

Disorder in order? believes that little knowledge about mental disorders might be dangerous. Thus, it aims to provides accurate information about certain common disorders and how to go about tackling them through e xpert advice. Short clips of experts in the field have been provided for page viewers to grab valuable advice about some common disorders like Depression, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and OCD. Expert Advice

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Instagram Account:

This is our instagram account: Instagram Account

Website - Word Press:

Website - Word Press

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THANK YOU Made by: Garima Girotra Priyanka Aggarwal Shreeya Arora Vijeta Verma

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