Top Things to Consider When Planning a New Website

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You need to understand that blinking images and contact information do not make a good website. Therefore, you or someone in your organization need to note down few tips that will help come up with a new professional site...


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Top Things To Consider When Planning A New Website:

Top Things To Consider When Planning A New Website Consideration when redesigning your existing website or when having your first website developed 1

Who Is The Decision Maker?:

Who Is The Decision Maker? This helps to avoid chaos that may arise when there are multiple people making decision during the designing process. 2 1

What Is Your Product Or Service?:

What Is Your Product Or Service? The best way to do this is to focus on that market in the images and texts you use for the site. 3 2

Sure About Your Targeted Customers:

Sure About Your Targeted Customers Be specific about the marketing you are aiming at. When in contact with your customer, allow them to understand your information. 4 3

Keep It Simple and Smooth:

Keep It Simple and Smooth This consistency will help grab the attention of customers and make them continue using your site rather than clicking away from it. 5 4

Write Quality Content:

Write Quality Content Consider enriching your website with solid text or content to make it search engine optimized. 6 5

Put A Call To Action On Every Page:

Put A Call To Action On Every Page Let your visitors know what to do next as long as they are on your site. 7 6

Use Social Networking:

Use Social Networking You should try emphasizing upon productive coding which will assists the search engine in successfully ranking your own webpage. 8 7

Be A Great Source Of Information:

Be A Great Source Of Information Make it more about the customer rather than yourself as they are the actual buyers of what is on offer. 9 8

Work With Professional Designers:

Work With Professional Designers Find a company that understands SEO, marketing strategies, good design and usability. 10 9

Keep Working On Your Website:

Keep Working On Your Website Once you launch your site, do not stop working on it. Market, test and refine that site to meet the needs of your clients. 11 10

Conclusion :

Conclusion Hope this discussion will help you to make a great website . ### Thank you very much Click Optimize.Com Image Courtesy form Google 12

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