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Garden Shed is one of the best supreme quality and user friendly Absco Garden Sheds suppliers in Melbourne. We are based in Melbourne, but also offer reliable sales and Installation for Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Cardiff, Perth and surrounding areas.


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Absco Garden Sheds. Easy assembly. 30 year Warranty. :

Absco Garden Sheds. Easy assembly. 30 year Warranty. Garden Shed

About Us Garden Sheds:

Garden Shed provides high quality and easy to setup garden sheds with the lowest price on the market. We only provide garden sheds that are the best and the most durable. Our sheds are built to withstand cyclonic conditions including high gusts of wind, torrential rain and heavy snow. Our products are made of highly durable and rust resistant materials to give you the quality and toughness you look for in garden sheds. Our best-selling and top of the line garden sheds are the ABSCO sheds , they are the makers of high quality and easy to assemble garden sheds. All ABSCO garden sheds are covered by ABSCO’s 30 year warranty and their patented SNAP- TiTE technology allows for a fast assembly system which makes them very easy to setup.  So, why do you need a garden shed ? Having a garden shed would protect your valuable properties such as your tools and equipment. A garden shed is also a perfect extra storage space for all your valuable assets.  We even provide sheds for your vehicles even as big as a 4x4 truck. These sheds would protect your tools, property and your vehicles from the elements that can damage your valuable assets. will provide you with the best product, great quality, a customer friendly service and great delivery options that is unmatched anywhere in the market today. About Us Garden Sheds

Garden Sheds Sydney:

Grand Opening Sale. Up to 50% discount on ABSCO garden Shed. ( Offer only for Online Customer orders ) Garden Shed is the market leader in Australia when it comes to quality garden sheds . What makes ABSCO Sheds better than any other steel shed in the market? They are so durable that they come with a 30 year warranty coverage. Absco is also very easy to assembly.  Visit Garden Shed website for the best supreme quality garden sheds Sydney or anywhere in Australia Garden Sheds Sydney

Grand Opening Sale - Sydney:

Grand Opening Sale - Sydney 2.3m x 1.52m – ABSCO ECO Friendly Garden Shed - $297 Only 1.52m x 0.78m - Garden Shed - $219 Only 3.0m x 5.22m – Premier Garden Shed - $219 Only

Other Range of Garden Sheds:

Other Range of Garden Sheds

Bird Aviary :-:

Spacious Bird Aviary for Birds and Small Pets Birds were meant to fly, not be confined in tight spaces. With an ABSCO bird aviary, your birds have enough freedom of movement to keep them happy and healthy. Also known as "flight cages" the bird aviary is perfect for home bird breeders. You can also use the aviary as a chicken coop. With its sturdy metal design, the ABSCO sheds have an advantage over a traditional wooden chicken coop that is more vulnerable to the elements. All of our Australian Made BlueScope Steel aviaries are made to last, contain a thick mesh screen, and come with a 30 year warranty. Aviary sheds are not limited to birds. Small animals like dogs, cats, and chickens are also suitable for our design. To provide a more natural environment, the sheds can accommodate plants and shrubbery. Depending on the size, the aviaries range in price from $247 to $907 . Our ABSCO aviary sheds give you a versatile home for your birds and small animals, for breeding purposes and temporary shelter. With the 30 year warranty, you never have to worry about investing in a new aviary shed and can rest assured that your animals will be safe and secure. Bird Aviary :-

Installing Garden Shed :

Read our Garden Shed Installation manual. Our Documents and videos with detailed instructions helps you to build your shed with ease. Still Worried call our frien d ly support staff at 1300 532 690 or visit our site at / Looking for an installer in   Sydney ,  Brisbane ,  Canberra ,  Gold Coast  or  Townsville ? Take a look at our Shed Installation Services. Support Manual: Installing Garden Shed

Delivery & Payment:

We offer Free Delivery to anywhere in SYDNEY. (Limited time only) Customer Friendly Service. Refund Policy (see terms and condition) Delivery & Payment

Contact us -:

24 x 7 – customer support 1300 532 699 Contact us - Melbourne Depot Address: Address Level 2, 608 St.Kilda Road Melbourne, Australia Phone Number 1800-272-681 Email

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