The Addie Model

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The Addie Model:

Analyze Design Develop Implement Evaluate An instructional systems design model u sed by instructional designers and training developers Five Steps The Addie Model

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The hardest step Needs assessment Task analysis Performance gap? Goals/Objectives? Learner profile KSAs? Learning constraints ? Environmental Analysis Available resources? Delivery options? Organizational Analysis Timeline? Budget? Analyze Step One

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Design Learning Materials Lesson Plans Visual Strategy Technical Strategy Measurement tools Select Media Apply Taxonomies Create prototype Design Step Two

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Create and Assemble Instructional Strategy storyboards Graphics E-learning media Integrate Material Test/Debug Project Review/Revise Develop Step Three

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Course curriculum Learning Objectives Delivery Method Testing Procedures Preparation of the learners software or hardware student registration evaluation of the design. Learning materials/equipment CD-ROMs/Software Check Website/Connection Implement Step Four

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Formative evaluation During and After each step Checklists Instructional Methods Identifies new issues Summative evaluation Occurs after Implementation Learner Feedback Measures effectiveness Loops back to the first step Evaluate Step Five

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