The Devil Wears Prada

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The Devil Wears Prada : 

The Devil Wears Prada Integrantes: Norma García Maria Contreras

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Hell On Heels.

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Fast Fact Director: David Frankel Release Date: 27 October 2006 (Venezuela) Genre: Comedy | Drama | Romance Tagline: Meet Andy Sachs. A million girls would kill to have her job. She's not one of them.

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Fast Fact Writers (WGA): Aline Brosh McKenna (screenplay) Lauren Weisberger (novel) Plot: In New York, the simple and naive just-graduated in journalism Andrea Sachs is hired to work as the second assistant of the powerful and sophisticated Miranda Priestly, the ruthless and merciless executive of the Runway fashion magazine. Andrea dreams to become a journalist and faces the opportunity as a temporary professional challenge. The first assistant Emily advises Andrea about the behavior and preferences of their cruel boss, and the stylist Nigel helps Andrea to dress more adequately for the environment. Andrea changes her attitude and behavior, affecting her private life and the relationship with her boyfriend Nate, her family and friends. In the end, Andrea learns that life is made of choices.

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Fast Fact Awards: Nominated for 2 Oscars. Another 8 wins & 25 nominations Cast: Meryl Streep Miranda Priestly Anne Hathaway Andrea Andy Sachs Emily Blunt Emily Chalton Stanley Tucci Nigel Adrian Grenier Nate Simon Baker Chistian Thompson

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Quotes Miranda Priestly: And this layout for the Winter Wonderland spread. Not wonderful yet. Miranda Priestly: What about Testino? Where are we on that? Nigel: Zac Posen's doing some very sculptural suits. So I suggested that, uh, Testino shoot them at the Noguchi Garden. Miranda Priestly: Perfect. Thank God somebody came to work today. Andy Sachs: [talking about Miranda's husband] Oh. So I don't need to fetch Stephen from the airport tomorrow? Miranda Priestly: Well, if you speak to him and he decides to rethink the divorce, then yes, fetch away. You are very fetching. So, go fetch. Nigel: [Miranda has moved up a meeting] But we're not expected until Tuesday. Did she say why? Andy Sachs: Yes. She explained every detail of her decision-making. And then we brushed each others' hair and gabbed about American Idol. Nigel: I see your point.

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