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Global Allied pharmaceuticals(GAP) is reached at its altitudes of excellence by combining the best and the brightest to cultivate immune Oncology systems in place. We help the known body mechanism of action to fight cancer and other immune related disease. GAP gives you the cutting edge of combining science with the art of patient treatment. Something that no other service provider or an academic center is doing to date. Imagine fighting the evil and helping the angels at the same time. This is the perfect analogy of Immune Oncology. Fight cancer with protecting formation of the body’s soldiers. Its immunity. Visit us at for immune- Oncology, immunotherapy, immune combination therapy.


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Immune combination therapy Immune- Oncology immunotherapy Antibody Drug Conjugated ADC 12/10/2014 Global Allied Pharmaceuticals Smith tafi

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2 Table of content SR.No. Page Topic 1 3 Evolving of Immune system into immune- oncology 2 4 Antibody Drug Conjugate ADC development for small to medium size groups 3 4 Immune combination therapy in Immune Oncology is affordable and effective for small to medium size companies 4 6 Advancement of Antibody Drug Conjugates ADC in 3- D and microcrystalline systems with improved bioavailability

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3 Evolving of Immune system into immune- oncology The immune system has the utmost prospective for the targeted annihilation of tumors in combating metastasis. Imagine if we attack the tumors and malignant tissues while there is no additional toxicity to the rest of the body and especially the healthy tissues. Noted: There will be a delayed memory latent efficacy of a sort with can prevent the cancer to come back. The Research and Development of immune - oncology has been excelling in the past 30- 40 years. But some believe that the notion of using one’s body to fight the ill is as old as medicine to the mankind. There are concrete evidence that this combative notion to fight cancer works and viably needed to be explored further. It is recognized that the development and there lack of control of the neoplastic tissues are not well appreciated and understood. Yet we have learned the body can fight the disease including cancer using its self- destructive mechanisms against cancer via antibodies/antigen process. Immuno- surveillance targets have shown that the right combination if immune therapeutic agents will fight the antigenic phenomenon of neoplastic tissues and its mutagenic behavior. Global Allied Pharmaceuticals has recognized the role of immune- oncology and its combination therapy elements. We believe in the nature of Immunotherapeutic agents all the while their developing of specifies are a subject of further evaluation. The nature of the trials requires clinical and scientific expertise in immune oncology and cancer research. GAP has the necessary credentials. Among many different and a variety of malignancies the disease progression is collaborated with immune suppressive elements collectively working with the responsive anti- neoplastic nature of an antibody to destroy the malignancy. In exchange the tumors make a poor target to be attacked if the attaching cells including the so called natural killer of T- cells are not there to protect the diseased tissues. Noted: That is the primary concept of increasing the T- cells in many cases. In the absence of sensitivity to complement the natural work of the so called killer cells to work in stopping the progression of cancer. The leaky surrounding tissues of a solid tumor are highly antigen- prone and specific to the type of antigen that needs to work against the antibody. The most described notion associated with the T- cells are their regulatory nature as well as suppressions of the cells proliferative behavior. The primary pillar of the body’s regulations halting the disease to engulf the body into its demise of malignancy and ceasing the challenges of lack of survival. The body will learn to fight the invaders and its enemies from within. The robust profile of immune-

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4 oncology treatments in the last decade has brought us to better appreciate the self- regulating elements of our bodies. Research associated with immune oncology and the natural interactions of the immune system of our bodies have shown that all adaptive immune mechanism may interfere in the disease progression and/or metastasis of the underlying tumor per se. As soon as few neoplastic cells are recognized by the so called natural killer cells the effectors mechanism of the immune system will kick into action. There are cells that are destructed due to the lack of recognition by the initial killer cells known as “transformers/transfer cells.” T and B cells are both known to play a role in the fight against malignancy and activation of the mutagenic cells. Our immune system adapts to the nature of the assaulting malignant cells but its lack of transformation will keep the immune system as the primary soldier to fight cancer. Antibody Drug Conjugate ADC development for small to medium size groups ADCs are the new class biopharmaceutical drugs present in the market to treat cancer. ADC has one of the finest target delivery system that benefited both small as well medium sized companies. It has been the desire of small and medium size companies to gain access to the multibillion dollar technology of ADC. This is being realized by Global Allied Pharmaceuticals GAP today and now. We are allowing companies to share equity share their R D capabilities and provide access to their clinical trial development and funds by exploding their pipeline to the next level. The most companies such as Roche Pfizer and J J have been keeping this technology to themselves. This is a technology which has no IP per se. There is method of perfecting the CMC which differs one ADC system from another. We provide effective inexpensive regulations’ compliant with the known health authorities. Global Allied Pharmaceuticals has provided a platform for the upcoming and becoming power houses in the industry to say there is no more a monopoly of technology in this industry. Big Pharmaceuticals are not the primary target to bring innovative technology and cure to the market. None of the big pharmaceuticals have ever produced any block buster’s of the industry. They were all produced by the little guys like us. This platform will allow the targeted effective and safe antibodies to attack the right place in the body where it needs to be going. To carry a cytotoxin it will be working as a magic bullet per se. ADC is combining that into the most advanced cutting edge of their respective targeted delivery systems. Advancement in oncology targeted delivery effective combinations of products as well as individual delivery of products tailored to the patient and types of tumor is the primary objective of this platform. Biomarkers are used to “tailor- target” the indication for the specific patient. ADC will do just that. The right patient is matched for the right antibody and cytotoxin and the appropriate ADC is designed and delivered for that particular patient.

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5 Antibody Drug conjugates is designed to bring the proper advantage to small and medium size companies. Immune therapy and Immune oncology in combination therapy are all the avenues of success. The use of biomarkers design of the particular antibody for a particular group of patients the right cytotoxin would allow the patients to be targeted for their particular types of malignancies in the field of immune oncology and combination therapy. This will tip the balance to further advance patients right to the right product at the right cost. This will take the giants out of their monopoly of health care cost. Global Allied Pharmaceuticals can be reached via: GAP is working for the growth of pharmaceutical industry. Immune combination therapy in Immune Oncology is affordable and effective for small to medium size companies The use of immune oncology combination cocktails is the cutting edge of the fight against cancer in line of the multiple other points of attacks. Combination of drugs presented in the market need to be evaluated separately. The target is to load the patients with the steady stream of effective medications for a latent effect and immediate safe delivery of anti- neoplastic treatments. Small and medium size companies can benefit from the drug delivery systems which target proper delivery of products with the advanced technology for a cost contained measure. Companies at any level especially small companies in biotechnology and pharmaceutical field need to gain the right access to a diversified system of immune oncology and immune therapy. Global Allied Pharmaceuticals GAP has brought this to the industry today and now. GAP allows groups companies and research centers to have admittance and share equity expand onto their R D capabilities and afford availability into the available market gains for the sake of a comprehensive clinical trial development. Financial supports and capitals by ignition into its pipeline to the higher stage of its development is the primary goal. The giants of the industry including Roche GSK and Pfizer have been keeping this ambition to themselves with the ability to conduct multiple trails at the same time. This is a knowledge which has no intellectual property protection There is technique of achieving the clinical combination process which differs one combination with its delivery classification from another. We offer actual economical guidelines’ acquiescent with the notified bodies of the regulatory agencies. Global Allied Pharmaceuticals has afforded the industry a podium for the imminent and potential centers of excellence in the industry to say there is no more a monopoly of technology or knowledge/skills in this business. Giants in the Pharmaceuticals are not the chief goal to bring groundbreaking expertise and absolutions of cancer to the market. No one of the big pharmaceutical/giants have ever produced any block busters of the industry by itself and without the actual research and development of the others. They were all fashioned by small and progressive companies like GAP. This podium will allow the targeted operative and innocuous antibodies to attack the right place in the body where it needs to be going and have the proper delivery system deliver cytotoxins in its combinations. To carry a cytotoxin it will be working as a magic bullet per se. Antibodies and cytotoxins are combining that into the most forward-thinking cutting edge of their individual targeted delivery arrangements. Progression in oncology besieged delivery actual amalgamations of products as well as discrete delivery of products made-to-order to the patient and categories of tumor is the key objective of this dais. Biomarkers are used to

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6 “adapt- mark” the suggestion for the unambiguous patient. Immune Oncology combination with antibodies and/or vaccines will do the trick. The accurate patient is coordinated for the right antibody and cytotoxic delivery and the appropriate ADC is designed and delivered for that particular patient by the same token. Immune Oncology is intended to bring the appropriate benefit to small and medium size corporations. Immune therapy and ADC in combination therapy are all the paths of accomplishments. The use of biomarkers project of the particular antibody for a particular group of patients the right cytotoxin in combination of the immune therapeutic agent would permit the patients to be beleaguered for their specific sorts of malignancies in the field of combination therapy. This will landfill the equilibrium to further spread patients’ right to the accurate invention at the right fee. This will take the hulks of the industry out of their domination of health care cost. Global Allied Pharmaceuticals can be reached via: GAP is functioning for the progress of pharmaceutical diligence.

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7 Advancement of Antibody Drug Conjugates ADC in 3- D and microcrystalline systems with improved bioavailability. The SCP- ADC™ Platform is an innovative and patented multi-valiant antibody alternative system of multi- indicated Performa. It permits the manufacturing of poly-valiant clinically indicated and proficient of meticulous bridge structures transversely targeted for many malignancies autoimmune diseases as well as novel indications and effectors. By announcing original expurgated locations and designated structures of protein and polysaccharide cross links within the native immune- globins Global Allied Pharmaceuticals GAP has established an exhilarating multivalent ADC bridging of structure which could bring the improvement of unique mirror image ubiquitous systems and domains to bind specifically and precisely into the landing gears of the targeted tissues. Supplementary benefits of this unique system embraces its lack of distinctive effector commotion properly controlled immunogenicity and value-added tissue infiltration. Our system based therapeutics also help from the long serum half-life which is at least 5X against the other “scaffolding” systems of ADC’s. The use of this paradigm also delivers the prospect for the production of the vaccines and proteins in infectious disease areas of therapeutics. The system of our framework is a non- antibody specific poly /- diametric antibody arrangement which contains of more than 3 different heavy hawsers and unique light manacles designed to completely accumulate into a single molecule permitting multi- detailed binding to more than 3 antigens or drug specific targets. This organization delivers the precisely targeted in its class elucidation to the expansion of innovative multi- purpose and specific antibodies based on non- specific antibody arrangement deprived of trusting on substance linkers or chimeric concepts. The grace of this system marks in multi- targeted antibodies without biophysical physiognomies immunogenicity profiles and CMC feasibility in cost and operations. GAP has industrialized poly diametric paradigm of an ADC by manufacturing proprietary structures unique to the specific antibody class and produce them into covalent boding of a structure with the ability to consistently produce the proper domain to the different classes of antibodies. We range from structure domain analysis of Fc regions of IgGs into other specific regions of MABs. In addition to afford the basis for poly specific the compensations of the unique systems include well designed effector function ultimate bioavailability systems uniquely provided by us at Global Allied Pharmaceuticals

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