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Personal Injury Lawsuit Process


Personal injury lawsuits take many forms. A layman may not know the ins and outs of a personal injury lawsuit process. These cases generally run very slow. If you are involved in a personal injury case, learning the process of the lawsuit will help in understanding your case better.


Personal I njury L awsuit Process


Meeting with an Attorney While meeting with an attorney, you can learn about him/her in order to decide if he is the best attorney to represent your case. The attorney will also try to understand your case to see if he/she should take the case.


Starting the Case, Initial Court Papers The attorney will explain legal papers, including complaints, answers, and other motions involved at the beginning of a lawsuit.


Fact-Finding and Discovery In this process the opponents in a lawsuit get information from each other to establish facts in the case.


Resolution before Trial ( Motions ) Many cases get resolved by motions to d ismiss. The motion to dismiss is usually based on one or more of the following legal deficiencies: Lack of subject matter jurisdiction Lack of personal jurisdiction Improper venue Insufficiency of process or insufficient service of process


Settlement If you have received a settlement offer from the opposing side, talk to your attorney and discuss the following points: Strength of the case Jury verdicts and settlement outcomes in similar cases Your chances of winning at trial Practical difficulties in trying the case Strengths and weaknesses in your evidence and strength and weaknesses in your opponent's evidence.


Trial This is the process of jury selection, opening arguments, witness testimony, closing arguments, and all the way to the jury's verdict.


Collecting Money after Judgment Winning at trial is not the final victory. Collecting on a judgment often requires work. In some situations the losing party either refuses to follow the court order or cannot afford to pay the amount of the judgment. If this happens, you may be required to take additional steps and incur further expenses to collect the money.

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