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Galway Rupabham Pro Keratin Hair Serum- Make your hair frizz free From taming frizz and flyaway to adding shine to protecting against humidity hair serum can do it all. One of the main use of hair serum is that it makes the hair shinier healthier and causes less tangles. As the serum reflects light it ends up making the hair look shinier and healthier and also keeps it protected from dust and humidity. Not only that it also forms a protective layer on your hair against the harmful exposure to the sun and also against harmful chemicals. Galway Rupabham Pro-Keratin Hair Serum deeply conditions hair strands untangles frizz helps in preventing split ends and makes your hair smooth and manageable. You can buy natural hair products online from Galwaykart. It gives you a natural color. It is a miracle solution formulated with Keratin actives Avocado oil and most beneficial Inula Crithmoide extract.  Keratin: This is a natural ingredient for weak hair. It provides necessary protein and fiber which makes the hair shiny young and healthy.  Inula Crithmoide: This silicon blend deeply conditions hair strands smoothes frizz helps in preventing in split ends and also beautifully intensifies your hair color.  Avocado: It has high level of anti-oxidants such as vitamin E that absorbs into the scalp and hair shaft. It moisturizes nourishes and strengthens hair strands leaving the hair looking radiant and healthy. This also stimulates growth and unclogs blocked follicles. Dry hair can be really annoying to deal with we know. Not only does dry hair feel rough but when your hair is parched it can often look dull and lifeless which isn’t exactly great for your confidence. What can you do Get familiar with hair serum. A good serum can provide humidity protection and deliver a silky finish luminous shine and touchable softness without leaving hair looking greasy.

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How To Apply Serum On Hair Depending upon the length and density of your hair take two to six drops of the hair serum in your palm and rub it properly on both palms to mix well. Hair serum is best applied on just washed hair so make sure your hair is towel-dried or slightly damp. Flip your hair forwards and start applying hair serum on hair that falls over your face going upwards from the tips of your hair. Massage the tips as hair serum works well on split ends. Flip the hair back again take two to four more drops of hair serum and massage it well into your scalp. Once done it is best to take a few more drops and apply the serum all over your hair for efficient application.

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