Tallits For Women: Facts and Their Place Today!

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The attitude towards tallit for women has changed a lot these days from what it used to be. Know various facts about tallit and its modern uses. For more details, visit: https://bit.ly/2lQLLSO


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Tallits For Women: Facts and Their Place Today The Jewish prayer shawl is known as the Tallit tall-EET or tallis TALL-us which is a large rectangular shawl made of wool cotton or synthetic fibers. In this shawl each of the four corners has strings tied in a particular pattern and they are called tzitzit. The origin of this tzitzit is biblical and the practice is prescribed in Numbers 15. Now the percept to put these strings on the four corners of one’s garment is referred to an ancient tradition with a single strand of blue as well–as a reminder of the duties and obligations of a Jew. As people

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do not wear four-cornered garments the tallit is worn specifically to fulfill the biblical precept. In this post we will be talking about more such interesting facts about tallit for women men and its various aspects as a aid to the Jewish prayer tradition. Tallits For Women: Facts and Their Place Today Generally as per the tradition men wear a tallit during morning services. However in non-Orthodox synagogues a lot of women also wear a tallit. But in some Orthodox congregations only married men wear a tallit.  Now one may see people gathering the tzitzit in their left hand and kissing them when the paragraph from the Torah referring to them is recited.  In case of most of the synagogues they usually have prayer shawls available for visitors to use during services. But most of the people generally prefer to purchase their own prayer shawl. This is why one can find a lot of different variety of tallits for women and men in Judaica stores and on the Internet.  Another important aspect is that before putting on the prayer shawl it is a tradition to say the following blessing: Baruch atah adonai Eloheinu melech ha olam

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Asher kidishanu b’mitzvotav Vitzivanu l’hitatef b’tzitzit. Blessed are you Lord our God Ruler of the Universe Who has sanctified us with your mitzvot And commanded us to wrap ourselves in tzitzit. Tallit as Aids to the Prayer: Tefilah is actually the Hebrew word for prayer. The word actually means to judge oneself and this is what underlines the purpose of prayer for Jews. According to them the prayer allows the Jews to look deep within themselves at their role in the universe and their relationship with God. In this tradition of prayer the Tallit plays an important role:  According to tradition the Jewish men wear two visible symbols of prayer to remind them of its importance in developing their relationship with God. One of them is the tallit.  The tallit is usually made of wool cotton or silk and can feature black or blue stripes across each end. Also it has 613 long fringes which remind Jews of Gods laws.  The Tefillin are small capsules with handwritten scripture passages used during the prayer. Here one is strapped to the upper arm and the other to the forehead as commanded in the Shema. This tradition is symbolic since it reminds them that Gods word enters both the head and the heart.  Usually the male Jews wear both the Tallit and Tefillin for Morning Prayer. However they only wear the Tallit for afternoon and evening prayers.  The Jew also has the practice of wearing the kippah to cover their heads. This is symbolic as it reminds them that God is always with them and that they must keep Gods laws. In a Nutshell: The attitude towards tallit for women has changed a lot these days from what it used to be and they have become immensely popular with the Jewish women. One can find a great variety of tallits in the leading Judaica stores. If you have any other queries regarding tallits feel free to mention them in the comments section.

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