16 Digital Marketing Facts You Must Know

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Digital Marketing remains focal point of marketing strategies across organizations & domains. Here are some facts which you can apply in your business and stay connected to advanced trends.


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1 6 Digital Marketing Facts You Must Know

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The world of business has changed through with its advanced features Internet Marketing Galaxy Weblinks

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Here are some by which you can stay tuned to the advanced trends facts Galaxy Weblinks

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7 1 companies plan to increase their digital marketing budgets 1 Galaxy Weblinks

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Close to of consumers research before buying product online 8 0 2 Galaxy Weblinks

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3 Article with photos gets more page views 9 4 Videos on landing pages increase conversion by 8 6 Galaxy Weblinks

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Amazingly of buyers are more likely to buy from a company if its CEO uses social media. 7 7 4 Galaxy Weblinks

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of all social media traffic comes from Facebook Twitter LinkedIn 6 0 5 Galaxy Weblinks

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Content marketing Outbound marketing Vs Content marketing generates 3 times lead as compared to traditional outbound marketing also costs less 6 2 6 Galaxy Weblinks

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Consumers spend nearly of their time on the Internet on their mobile devices 6 0 7 Galaxy Weblinks

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Retargeting can boost ad response up to 4 0 0 8 Galaxy Weblinks

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users access social media from a mobile device 7 1 9 Galaxy Weblinks

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The best time to catch a smartphone user via email is 1 pm via message is 5 pm via mobile web is 6 pm 1 0 Galaxy Weblinks

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Sounds Interesting Want to know more Digital Marketing Facts Yes show me now Galaxy Weblinks

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