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A non-surgical facelift is becoming a popular option as a comprehensive facial rejuvenation for those looking to avoid the scalpel and are without the luxury of recovery time.


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GAIL HUMBLE M.D COSMETIC LASER SPECIALIST Dr. Humble brings a commitment to perform the art and science of aesthetic medicine to its highest degree concentrating exclusively on Non Surgical Facelift procedures to enhance mold shape and improve the face and body.

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SILHOUETTE INSTALIFT  Are gravity and signs of aging causing your skin to droop and sag Dr. Gail Humble proudly features an impressive solution Silhouette Instalift a non-invasive facelift which adds years of confidence to your life. She is one of the few facial surgeons in California qualified and trained in the revolutionary FDA approved new procedure. The treatment is performed in under an hour and provides long-lasting results which are enhanced over time. Dr. Humble is excited offer Silhouette Instalift an impressive new technology which tightens and improves your finest features without the risks associated with surgery.

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WHAT IS SILHOUETTE INSTALIFT  Silhouette Instalift is quick non-invasive treatment in which Dr. Humble utilizes absorbable sutures to lift and enhance lax skin prevalent in the facial and decollete regions. While thread lifts have been performed in the realm of dermatology for years Instalift provides expedient and impressively natural results. Unlike traditional facelifts which tend to focus only on tightening skin we utilize the Silhouette Instalift treatment to create firmer plumper and more voluminous skin. Impressively as the sutures become absorbed by your body collagen production is enhanced boosting your skin’s shine.

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PATENTED INSTALLIFT SUTURES WITH BIDIRECTIONAL CONES Why choose Dr. Humble highly experienced in this procedure  Dr. Humble is highly qualified in the art of Silhouette Instalift and is exclusively trained in the latest cosmetic procedures. Her passion for non-surgical procedures allows her to remove years from your appearance without surgery. For a refreshed and rejuvenated appearance please contact Dr. Gail Humble today.

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SCULPTRA – THE LIQUID FACELIFT  Dr. Humble did the original FDA safety studies on Sculptra and serves as consultant and medical education faculty for Sanofi-Aventis makers of Sculptra. Sculptra is the trade name for the substance Polylactic acid PLA. PLA is a simple synthesized sugar that once injected into an area gradually stimulates the production of collagen. It can be used to naturally fill out cheeks temples and the hollow under your eyes with your own collagen.

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