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Gailendra Dwivedi M.B.A. Indian Values System

Indian Values System : 

Indian Values System The book of ancient history the earliest date due to Hindusim dates back like 5000 years ago. Hindusim is the oldest surviving culture . Persians who migrated to India and called the river Sindhu became Hindustan and inhabitants were called Hondus.

Scriptures : 

Scriptures Sanskrits literature can be classified under six orthodox heads and four secular heads. The six scriptures are:- Shruties smritis Itihasas Puranas Agamas Darshanas

The Four Secular writing : 

The Four Secular writing Subhashitas Kavyas Natakas Alankaras

Vedas ( Shruti Literature) : 

Vedas ( Shruti Literature) The word “ VEDA” means knowledge or wisdom. Knowledge or wisdom is necessary for self-realization. It manifests the language of the God in human speech.

Types of Vedas : 


Shastra & Smriti : 

Shastra & Smriti It is second literature means what is remembered . It is created by man and is passed on generation to generation . It includes commentaries and explanations of previously revealed divine knowledge, grammar, law, astrology, epics and great deal.

Shastras : 

Shastras It includes Guru Gita which is dialogue between lord Shiva and Mata Parvati where Shiva told the necessity of the Guru to Parvati. It comprises 182 shlokas.Dharama means Chitta ki Shuddhata.

Purana : 

Purana Purana signifies old or ancientness. It is believed that these Puranas must have been create before ved vyas . These talk about the history , the incarnation of God in easier in different forms. There are 18 Puranas

Types of Puranas : 

Types of Puranas Vishnu Puranas Narad Puranas Padma Puranas Garud Puranas Varah Puranas Bhagvat Purans Brahmand Purans Bramavaivarta purana Markandeya Purana

Upanishad : 

Upanishad It is the Fourth part of vedas , also know as Vedas ( End of Vedas ) Upanishad means “ to be seated down at the feet of Guru to receive Gyan” Veda + Upanisad= Philosophy/Darshan These explain the ways to attain 4 Goals :- Dharma Artha Kama Moksha

Continue ………………….. : 

Continue ………………….. Bhavishya Puranas Vaman Puransas Brahma Puranas Matsya Purana Kurm Puranas Ling Puranas Shiv Purans Skand Purans Agni Purans

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