Different Types of Leather Used for Cheap Leather Sofas


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You can find the best leather sofa when you shop during a leather sofas sale.


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Different Types of Leather Used for Cheap Leather Sofas Leather is a popular item for couches and other pieces of furniture. But the different type of leather is what accounts for the different quality, look, and feel. If your objective is something with a solid color that complements your existing room, then cheap leather sofas is the way to go. It is also best suited for people who have allergies especially when you buy during a leather sofas sale . If you or your family members suffer from allergies, it is best to get a lather sofa because it will repel any pet dander and get rid of dust mites easier. It will also work best if you are very tidy and your home sees light foot traffic. Leather comes from many sources including cattle, pigs, as well as ostriches in some cases. The way in which it is processed places it into one of three categories. The first is aniline. The second is semi-aniline, and the third is protected. The first is highly regarded for how it looks. It retains some of the unique surface characteristics and is the most natural looking. It is dyed by immersing the leather hide into a bath of dye rather that coating the surface with pigments. This type of processing produces a comfortable and soft leather that will retain the unique characteristics of the hide and therefore, ensure that each piece is different. The only downside to this type of leather is that it can be stained easily and is therefore not the best for families with children or areas that are prone to high levels of traffic.

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The next means of processing, semi-aniline, is coated with some pigment which makes it a bit more stain resistant. This means that you can enjoy the same uniqueness as aniline but with more resistance to stains. The markings are nonetheless not as apparent as aniline leather. Protected leather, also known as pigmented leather, is the most durable out of all three. It is therefore the most popular in furniture. The surface has been coated with a polymer with pigments. The thickness will vary based on the manufacturer and the finished product is more resistant to fading or scuffing. The advantages are that this type of leather is the easiest to maintain and will last through all manner of conditions. The disadvantages are that it does not have the same unique and natural appearance as aniline. Contact us Leather Sofa Land Address: 3 New Plaistow Road, Sratford, London, E15 3JB. Phone: 0800 028 3807 (Toll Free), 020 7055 5313 Fax Number: 020 7511 5774 Email: info@leathersofaland.com Website: http://www.leathersofaland.com

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