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‘The Story OF My Life’

slide 2:

Hi ☺ Im Gad But You Can Call Me G.N. Im 11 I School At ‘Mindanao Insitute’. But You Call It M.I

slide 3:

This is My Home Town Santiago Agusan Del Norte Barangay 1

slide 4:

I Want To Be A Doctor

slide 5:

This is My Mom Her Name Is Jessie Agpalo

slide 6:

This Is My Daddy His Name Is Raul Agpalo

slide 7:

This Is My Cousin Ram Zandro

slide 8:

This Is My Cousin Ram Zhyrell

slide 9:

This Is My Cousin Ate Hyia

slide 10:

This Is My Cousin Ate Joy2x

slide 11:

This Is My Family Tree

slide 12:

This Is My Favorite Animate

slide 13:

This Is My Favorite Action Show

slide 14:

This is My Favorite Cartoon Network T .V Show

slide 15:

This Is When I Was King And I Was 8 Years Old I School In ‘Santigo Central Elementary School

slide 18:

This is Were We Gonna Go A ‘Field Trip’ And I School At ‘LLLC’ And I Was 5 Years Old

slide 21:

This Is My 7 th Birthday

slide 23:

This Is My 6 th Birthday They Really Suprize Me

slide 26:

They Even White Me This

slide 28:

They Surprise ME Too We Go To Bilang2x Beach

slide 31:

This Is When Our Church Celebrate At Crisanta Pool

slide 33:

This Is When The Recognition Of Grade 2

slide 34:

This Is When I Got My Medals And I Was 1 st

slide 37:

This Is My Ribbons And Medals

slide 38:

This Is My Nutrition Month

slide 40:

This Is When We Christmas Fellowship

slide 42:

Thanks For Watching Thats The Story Of My Life

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