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This presentation was prepared as part of the course 6196 Information Systems in Health Care Management taught by Farrokh Alemi, Ph.D. at University of South Florida Department of Health Policy and Management.


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Implementation of Electronic Health Record: Phases of Project Management Article found on Course website:

Implementation of Electronic H ealth R ecord: Phases of Project Management Article found on Course website Gabrielle Hardeen 6/20/2012

Five phases::

Five phases: Initiation Planning Execution Control Closing

Initiation Phase:

Initiation Phase Most important Calculate ROI Customer defines problem Clarify purpose of project Risk Assessment Environment Assessment Identify stakeholders Define and document project scope Project managers should undertake these tasks

Planning Phase:

Planning Phase Project plans are detailed Identifying the proper needs and structure for organizing and managing a project Defines project activities that will be performed Provides a framework for management review and control

Planning Phase Cont’d:

Planning Phase Cont’d Communication plan very important Deciding for contingencies of how the project scope may change Gap analysis 3 activities using software programs: (1) breaking down the project into discrete and related tasks, (2) estimating the resources and time each task takes and (3) creating a schedule for the various tasks that includes assignment of task to specific people Formal end to Planning Execution

Execution Phase :

Execution Phase Mangers must: Complete plans Keep professionals motivated and focused on project plans Manage project resources Cost Encourage teamwork New ideas for bringing the team together

Execution Phase Cont’d:

Execution Phase Cont’d Communicate project’s progress Status reports sent to sponsors Manage project issues Resolutions should be planned for any issues Conduct quality control Examine impact of project on customer satisfaction

Control Phase:

Control Phase Scope Change Control Risk Monitoring and control Cost control Performance Reporting

Control Phase Cont’d:

Control Phase Cont’d Monitors project outcomes and associated risks Monitor project’s progress Estimated Time to Completion Budget at Completion Measurement of progress in the project is often done using the earned value management method

Closing Phase:

Closing Phase All defined project objectives have been met Customer accepts deliverables Routine but important

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