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The Richard Gere Silver Fox Award

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Psalm 139

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TABLE QUESTIONS: So - why are you alive? Why are you here on planet earth?

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God’s Transformation

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God’s Transformation

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The North York the North ends of the Earth Acts 1:8

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The North Eph 5:14

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Serving 2 Cor 9

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TABLE QUESTIONS: What do you make of this vision? How do you feel about playing your part?

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The Church serving the North that I foresee is: a praising community – full of joy, singing strong anthems of praise to our great Creator a praying community – humbly asking Jesus Christ for his Spirit’s presence & power to change, heal a& restore a growing community – deepening in maturity and influence and welcoming new members day by day a learning community – on an adventure of faith together, exploring the Bible and living the message where we live, study and work a caring community – marked by love that puts others first, standing with the poor, sharing and helping, embracing the broken and lost a witnessing community – with stories to tell of hope and forgiveness, inviting others to discover kindness, refuge and a place to belong a colourful community – living life in a way that is simple, creative, fun and generous This is the Church that Jesus Christ is building. This is the Church for which I pray. This is the Church that we are called to be. This is the Church serving God’s transformation of the North

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