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May/June Scenario 3:

Zac “ Attack” Sherriff and Gareth “ G azztron ” Renwick May/June Scenario 3

Scenario 3 – Question 5:

East African Motors manufacture cars in Nairobi. Their factory is fully automated using robot arms to assemble cars. The main car sales showrooms are in N airobi and M ombasa in Kenya, Kampala in Uganda and Dar es Salaam in Tanzania. Their head office Is in Nairobi Scenario 3 – Question 5

Slide 3:

Often the sales people feel that certain updates should be made to the website by the company’s programmers. However as many the programmers work from home they can sometimes be difficult to contact. The sales people have suggested that the company provide the programmers with appropriate video conferencing equipment. This would enable them to hold regular meetings with the programmers.

Question 5 a):

Name four robotic arm attachments (end effectors) and for each one describe the uses it would be put to. (8 marks) Question 5 a)

Four names and four uses from::

Cameras – to inspect work Welding guns – to weld parts of the car body together Grippers – to pick up parts and place them somewhere else Drills – to make holes in the car body Sanders – to prepare body for painting Spray guns – to paint the car body Four names and four uses from:

Examiners report:

This question was the best answered on the paper with the majority of candidates gaining 5 marks and upwards Examiners report

Question 5 b) i):

Identify all the hardware a programmer would need in order to take part in a video conference (2 marks) Question 5 b) i )

One mark for three items, two for five or more:

PC (with mouse and keyboard) Monitor Speakers/headphones Broadband network connection/router Webcam Microphone One mark for three items, two for five or more

Examiners report:

A straightforward question where the vast majority of candidates gained at least one mark. A number of candidates thought that video conferencing could make use of just a basic modem. Examiners report

Question 5 b) ii):

Describe the steps the programmer would take to participate in the conference. (3 marks) Question 5 b) ii)

Three from::

Assemble equipment/load software/access the internet/connect to the internet Need to log onto system/conference Webcam normally fixed to top of monitor/moved to ensure programmer can be seen Communicate by speaking into the microphone Three from:

Slide 12:

Communicate by looking at the webcam Examine documents using normal software/share documents using conferencing software Discuss modifications to documents and physically make amendments

Examiners report:

Many candidates gained one or two marks. Most candidates stopped at the point of connecting the equipment and logging on with few saying what would happen then. Examiners report

Question 5 c):

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages to the programmer of working from home (6 marks) Question 5 c)

Six from::

Advantages: If the programmer is disabled its easier for him/her as he/she doesn’t have to travel Don’t have to spend money on fuel/transport travelling to work/don’t have to live close to work Don’t have the stress of travelling to work in rush hour Six from:

Slide 16:

Can spend more time with their family/can arrange their work schedule to suit themselves Time is not wasted travelling/more free time because of less travelling Disadvantages: Might miss the personal contact with colleagues/more difficult to discuss ideas with colleagues Home based telework is inappropriate for some people Many homes are not well equipped for some types of telework

Slide 17:

Young children might demand attention/friend might drop in and distract programmer/dog might need to be taken for a walk May be difficult to find a suitable office space in the home + 1 for reasoned conclusion Four marks max. for advantages or disadvantages

Examiners report:

This question tended to be well answered with many high marks. Some candidates failed to give sufficient details and others answered a past question by describing the advantages to the company. Examiners report

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