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SILVER Streak:

SILVER Streak Auther- Margery Morris Number of pages- 36 Genre- Adventures Setting: Where- On the silver streak to Chicago, America. When- Unknown. Tomer Ussishkin & Shahar Daum ט'4 Bar Lev Junior High School

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George read a book when suddenly a dead man appeared in the window. George understood that the dead man was Arthur Schreiner. He told Hilly that her boss died.

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Devereau throw George out of the train. George found Rita. She took him in her airplane to the next station of the Silver Streak.

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After George got on the train again, he talked with Bob, a policeman, and he told him his story. George showed Bob the letters, and Devereau shoot and killed Bob.

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George fell from the train and went to the police. In the police, the policeman thought he is a killer, so George escaped from him with Grover, a thief that steals cars.

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The police stopped the train and asked all the passengers to get off the train. Devereau took control of the train and started to drive.

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Devereau took the train to the station on a really high speed. The train was going to crash into the station. At the end, George and his friend survived.

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