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XIPHIAS Immigration is the top immigration firms in the country. XIPHIAS Immigration to ensure it to be at the top of the game has become the official registered immigration consultant for many countries across the globe. In the same process XIPHIAS Immigration has registered with ICCRC Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. XIPHIAS is one of the few RCIC Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants companies in India. XIPHIAS proudly offers most of the Canadian immigration programs defined for any requirement of the clients.

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Canada introduced their Provincial Nominee Program way back to help each province get the best people to fill in their vacancies. Every PNP notification ensures the applicant gets his/her Canada PR VISA. There are 10 provinces in Canada and all provinces provide multiple pathways to cater to the needs of the varied aspirant emigrants enthusiastic to relocate to Canada. Provincial Nominee Program Each Province have defined their own unique Provincial Nominee Program. Every program has multiple schemes defined. Be it a skilled professional or a business investor or an international student anybody can try using any of the Provincial Nominee Program streams that can satisfy their requirement. Each acceptance from any province provides a surge of points required for an aspirant emigrant to obtain his/her Canadian PR. However an acceptance from PNP does not mean you obtained your Canada PR. It still needs a further process to complete earning one’s Canada Permanent Residency.

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Alberta the province located in the Western Canada and which has with as many landscapes possible is one of the most sorted after provinces for relocation. Alberta is rich in raw materials and minerals. Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program is labeled Alberta Immigration Nominee Program. AINP decides on the prospective emigrant based on a defined set of factors. Currently the province accepts applications under there Alberta Opportunity Stream Employer opportunity stream Strategic recruitment stream Alberta Express Entry Stream and Self-employed farmer stream. Alberta’s Provincial Nominee Program

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In the western most part of Canada is located the beautiful British Columbia along the pacific coastline and mountain ranges. Its known for adventurous and gorgeous nature outings. British Columbia is one rare gem where investment in land can procure the best possible returns. BC PNP or  British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program  offers 3 different streams to help aspirant emigrants to relocate to the province after having obtained their Permanent Residence.  Skills Immigration Program  Express Entry BC program and Entrepreneur Immigration program are the three varied programs which are currently open that help one to apply for the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program. British Columbia Provincial Nomination Program

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Located in the center top of Canada Manitoba is a beautiful province which houses more than 80 provincial parks which protect the wilderness in Manitoba and these places are used for hiking biking canoeing camping and fishing. Manitoba is also the province where a lot of original population is located and is rich in minerals. MPNP or Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program  provides multiple streams to help the aspirant emigrant obtain the required nomination from the Province to help him/her get their Permanent Residency. Currently the province accepts applications for Skilled worker stream International Education stream and Business Investor Stream. Couple of sub-streams under the Skilled Worker Stream and the Business Investor Stream work in tandem with the Express Entry Stream. Manitoba Provincial Nomination Program

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New Brunswick is one of the 4 Atlantic provinces located in the East Coast of Canada. It is a bilingual province where the population speak French and English. This sparsely populated province has more than 80 of its land area covered by forests. As is the policy of other provinces New Brunswick also has multiple pathways to help immigrants.  New Brunswick skilled worker stream  was defined to help the New Brunswick employers find the right people to get their work done when they were unable to fill in their vacancies with the local population. New Brunswick Immigrant Entrepreneur Stream  was defined to help business enthusiasts to invest in the local business or in any start-up there. New Brunswick encourages international students who have worked with any university affiliated with New Brunswick to obtain work locally and thus earn their nomination from New Brunswick. New Brunswick Provincial Nomination Program

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Located in the East of Canada Nova Scotia is one of the most populous provinces of Canada although it is one of the smallest provinces. Nova Scotia means New Scotland.    Although not an Island it is surrounded by water of the Atlantic. Nova Scotia is rich in natural resources and fish. Fishery Information and technology and Film Industry are the province’s economical backbone along with tourism. Nova Scotia’s Provincial Nominee Program is termed as NSNP or Nova Scotia Nominee Program. Under NSNP the Nova Scotia Demand and Nova Scotia Experience are both the most sought after and both are associated with the Federal Government’s Express Entry Scheme. Apart from these there is the NSNP’s Entrepreneur Stream Occupations in Demand Stream Physicians streams International Graduate Stream to choose according to one’s needs. Nova Scotia Provincial Nomination Program

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Newfound Land and Labrador is the most eastern province of Canada and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. The province has two separate land forms and hence the name Newfound Land and Labrador. Mining of iron and other elements along with few major industries is how Newfound Land and Labrador’s economy is defined. This province works with the other provinces in the AIP Atlantic Immigration Pilot program group to fill in the gaps. Its PNP program is called the Newfound Land andLabrador Provincial Nominee Program. Newfound Land and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program

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Ontario is the province bordering with USA. It is also one of the most populous province where most of the finance and political decisions pertaining to Canada happen. Ontario has a lot of industries information technology industries running in its capital city Toronto and Ottawa which is Canada’s capital city. Ontario to help ease the gap between its business houses needs and the increasing need for right people defined its OINP or the Ontario Immigration Nominee Program. Most streams under the OINP is mostly associated with the Federal Government’s Express Entry program. Of these Corporate Stream Entrepreneur Stream and International Student stream are the most popular. Ontario Immigration Nominee Program

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Prince Edward Island’s economy is defined by Agriculture tourism fisheries Aerospace information technology and the renewable energy. A quarter of Canada’s potato needs are satisfied by Prince Edward Island. It is the smallest island of Canada and is located in the Atlantic Maritime. It is also one of the richest provinces of Canada.  PEI PNP  is the provincial nominee program defined by PEI. It works in tandem with the Federal Government’s Express Entry Program and the person who wants to move to PEI needs to submit an “Expression of Interest” which shows the applicant’s interest to move to PEI. PEI PNP caters to both skilled professionals and Entrepreneurs looking to invest in PEI. Prince Edward Island Immigration Nominee Program

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Quebec is the French province in Canada and is located in the east of Canada. It is a rich province and is the second most populous province in Canada. To migrate to Canada one needs to know French language. Quebec is known for its Pharmaceutical Industry its aerospace biotechnology and Information Technology industries. Quebec is also rich in greenery and vegetation. Quebec doesn’t have a Provincial Nominee Program. However Quebec has rolled out the  Quebec Skilled Worker Program  QSWP and Quebec Experience Class Program. To qualify under the QSWP one has to first earn the CERTFICATE OF SELECTION. To qualify under PEQ or Quebec Experience Class Program one has to either have work experience in Canada or must have strong French language skills or must have plans to settle in only Quebec province and not relocate elsewhere. Quebec Provincial Nomination Program

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Saskatchewan is one of those provinces which although not surrounded by water or oceans is still rich with water bodies and houses more than a 100000 lakes. This province gets its name from the river Saskatchewan that flows through the province. Many indigenous groups of Canada have made Saskatchewan their home. Since long time Saskatchewan is rich in farmlands and agriculture is its economical back bone. This province is rich with minerals. Oil and Natural gas is also produced here. International Skilled Worker Category Saskatchewan Experienced Category and Saskatchewan Entrepreneur and Farm Category are few of the most popular immigration streams Saskatchewan has defined under the  Saskatchewan Immigration NominationProgram SINP. For most streams SINP is tied with the Federal Government’s Express Entry Stream. Saskatchewan Immigration Nomination Program

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The last province in the list is the Yukon Province whose land is wild and mountainous in nature. It is one of lowest populated provinces in Canada. Tourism and mining are done extensively here. Yukon is provincial nominee program otherwise known as the Yukon NomineeProgram YNP. The Yukon Express Entry stream Skilled worker stream Critical impact worker stream and business nominee stream are the few defined under YNP to aid enthusiast immigrants to relocate to the province of Yukon. Yukon Nominee Program

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With most of the provinces trying to reduce the gaps between their need for people and people looking for immigration opportunities to improve their economic status XIPHIAS Immigration is one of the best bets to help each of our clients to help them in their journey to relocate to the best possible location to help them achieve their goals and realize dreams. WHY XIPHIAS

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