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What is the difference between AutoCAD CATIA Future Gen Technologies the ​best Revit Training institute in Ameerpet is providing both Autocad COURSE Training ​as well as CATIA COURSE Training ​to the engineers architects and designers. Because of the effective training Future Gen Technology is considered as the best Autocad Training institute in Hyderabad ​as well as the ​best CATIA Training institute in Hyderabad ​. But there are so many differences between AutoCAD course training and CATIA course training. Let us find out the major differences between them. From early ages drawing has played a significant role in architectural design. The architects or designers gave full efforts to define the physical means called as “art of engineering”. Without drawing or drafting it was next to impossible evolve and keeps a record of the work. A drawing is a visual or a pictorial representation of a real object as well as graphics that can be termed as a demonstration of ideas by the help of line or by etching. Drafting is also defined as a visual language that makes use of the picture which has drawn by lines to assure views and ideas. AutoCAD and CATIA both are the tools that can help in designing and drafting. Engineers designers or architect choose ​AutoCAD course training ​or CATIA course training according to their own choice. The CAD Computer- Aided Design is an interactive process having graphics which plays a vital role. A smooth interchange of data between the computer and the designer of the project leads to an efficient CAD system. This AutoCAD course training allows you to know about the design and drafting activities using a computer. This course also allows you to create designs and produce drawings based upon the document. It also helps to create general idea diagrams provide accuracy productivity for repetitive operations. For the creation of 2D and 3D computer model AutoCAD course training ​is needed. It is used to give manufacturing

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equipment like mills lathes laser cutters or 3D printers having analytical data to engineer a product. AutoCAD course training ​provides a good foundation for learning other CAD packages. It delivers you with a large range of capabilities in the domain of CAD. The ​CATIA course training ​also allows being applied in different industries like building sector machinery aerospace automotive electrical electronics consumer goods shipbuilding etc. It provides several tools for the development of a product like a car or a bicycle. By using these tools it helps to interact with others on the design group on the same design. CATIA course training ​permits you to do this by saving all files on a common database so that individual has the right permissions may edit and access any part in the product. CATIA as a solid modeling tool not only it connects the 3D parametric features with the help of 2D tools but it also addresses each design through a manufacturing process. CATIA is a vital product development solution and CAD software is utilized by all manufacturing organizations like from OEMs through the supply chains to small self-reliant producers. Future Gen Technologies: 5th Floor Greenhouse Building Beside Aditya Trade Center Myitrivanam Ameerpet Hyderabad Telangana - 500873 URL : http://www.futuregentechnologies.com/ CALL US : +91 8328253848 infofuturegentechnologies.com

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