IOS mobile app development trends to follow in 2018

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5 IOS mobile app development trends to follow in 2018 Smartphone has been adopted as one of the integral parts of human lives. Such devices are led by their interface where iOS applications celebrated its 10 th anniversary in the year of 2017. The iOS applications have been upgraded and evolved in last few years. The upcoming year 2018 will be going to witness brighter day for IOS mobile application development India. 5 Trends in iOS mobile application development 1. Augmented Reality AR: Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality becomes a thing in application development in India. You may remember Augmented Reality applications as Pokémon game but its application are way more than that. Apple has also released ARKit

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with its new version of iOS 11. In 2018 Apple also will be going to release its Apple AR Glasses with its iPhone app development India. 2. Artificial Intelligence in a mobile application: Application is getting more intelligent personalized customized and intuitive to offer more user experience. Today applications are coming along with new features like voice assistance search predictions suggestions data recording and other lot technological input as well. 3. Wearable Android devices: Interestingly a new era offers various android developed application oriented wearing gears with different purposes. There are Android smartwatches and other wearable for fitness online transactions and healthcare. 4. Biometrics: Very intimate technology to serve the human privacy is something offered by Biometric trend of IOS mobile application development India. Indian young gadget users are more into devices where they are provided biometric oriented devices like finger print scan face recognition and other sort of additions. Even here iPhone app development India witnessed the boom of iPhone models with biometrics development in iPhone models like iPhone 5s iPhone 6 and iPhone X. 5. Virtual Reality application: Virtual Reality VR is a new-generation trend where computer- generated visuals mounted to stimulate a real-life like experience. The blend of AR and VR is the future of modern application development to provide the user a better and dream-like visual audio and intuitive interface. High-end android applications oriented smartphones are introduced by reputed companies like Samsung and Honor. Contact Details: Visit the website:

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