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Sports Tourism Opportunities: 

Sports Tourism Opportunities Mike Weed * Basic Participation Profiles * * Key Behaviour Influencers * * Leveraging Strategies *

Sports Tourism…: 

Weed andamp; Bull, 2004 Sports Tourism… 'a social, economic and cultural phenomenon derived from the unique interaction of activity, people and place' Sport Science Tourism Leisure Primary Sports Tourists Key Motivation andamp; Behaviour Influencers IDENTITY SUBCULTURE CURIOSITY FAMILY andamp; FRIENDS NOVELTY INVOLVEMENT LIFESTYLE

Basic Participation Profiles: 

Basic Participation Profiles Primary Sports Tourists Associated Experience Sports Tourists Tourists Interested in Sport ‘Incidental’ sports tourists for whom sport is not the prime purpose of the trip (but can be differentiating factor) Key areas can be events in urban centres and the development of a perception of region as having a sporting ‘buzz’ or culture (also VFR market) Potentially infinite number, but illustrative examples Sports matches, Halls of Fame/Stadium Tours, ‘Must-see/do’ activities, Hotel facilities, major events in minor sports Weed andamp; Bull, 2004

Primary Sports Tourists: 

Primary Sports Tourists Sports Tourism participation (active or passive) is prime reason for travel Illustrative examples Elite Athletes, Athletics Spectators, Adventure/Alternative Sports, Committed Football/Cricket Spectators, Mass-Participation Events. Primary motivation relates to the ‘associated experience’ rather than the activity itself. Can be elements of ‘conspicuous consumption’ Illustrative examples: Horse-Racing Spectators, some Golf/Skiing, Burghley Horse Trials, Henley Regatta

Leveraging Strategies:Some Questions: 

Leveraging Strategies: Some Questions What strategies are needed to ‘leverage’ or ‘maximise’ sports tourism? What part does sport play in the trip decision making process? Affects decision to travel? Affects pre-trip travel plans? Affects (spontaneous) activity plans during the trip? Is the aim to attract tourists or sports tourists?

Sports TourismOpportunities: 

Sport Science Tourism Leisure Sport Science Tourism Leisure Sports Tourism Opportunities

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