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Welcome to the Billing Revolution: 

Welcome to the Billing Revolution Reduce Operating Costs Save time – Bill at Point of Care Eliminate the data entry personal and Medical Coder Get paid faster

Key Features: 

Key Features Automated Insurance Billing Time generated insurance and patient collection letters Flexible to meet the needs of practices both big and small Snapshot practice management accounting reports at any time over the internet Can easily handle all specialty billing simultaneously including physicians, labs, hospitals, and surgery centers

Scaning vs. Manual: 

Scaning vs. Manual Scaning Simple to fill out Scan at point of care location All codes are embedded into form Never miss charges Bill insurances instantaneously Manual Billing and coding may create 7 to 10 day slack time Possibility of missing charges Claim turnaround time is significantly increased

The Automated Billing Process: 

The Automated Billing Process Scan Super Bills are custom designed for your practice All CPT, ICD9, and Modifier codes are imbedded into the form The scanner converts the Super Bill into an electronic file, a HCFA1500 or UB92 claim forms or patient statements. Send e-claims through data clearinghouse; review paper claims for errors. Generate late notices to insurance companies and patient on 30, 45, 60, 90 days. Send collection letters after 90 days to patients and insurance companies. Post electronic insurance payments automatically; produce secondary insurance claims automatically. Writes appeal letter for denied claims. Can print workers comp lien forms.

Accounting Functions: 

Accounting Functions Retrieve various practice based financial reports from secure website. Tracks insurance payments. Analyzes net income per insurance company and marginal costs of differing contracts. Determines insurance carrier ratios. Generates transaction journals and details patient ledgers . Ascertain sources of cash flow Access the information needed to assist practice growth

Reduce Operating Costs: 

Reduce Operating Costs Eliminate the Medical Coder AutoMed is automatically updated with payer regulation CPT code changes Reduce medical billing slack time to zero with Point of Care billing Always bill the correct procedure; never miss a charge Significantly reduce rejected claims Improve coding and billing discrepancies Fully HIPAA compliant for electronic claims submission and privacy laws

Reduce Operating Costs (CONT): 

Reduce Operating Costs (CONT) Drive down office expenses Eliminate medical billing office space Do away with billing paperwork filing space Cut down labor expense Eradicate billing down time Bill at the Point of Care Diminish claim turnaround time Never miss a charge

Average Costs Without AutoMed®: 

Average Costs Without AutoMed® Billing Staff – 3 employees X $40,000 Billing Equipment – Computers and other office machines Billing Supplies – HCFA1500 forms, EDI warehouses Total Billing Costs = $149,000

Average Costs with Automed® : 

Average Costs with Automed® Total Costs = $58,000 per year, cost savings of $91,000 per year

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