Agriculture and our growing world today

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Kayla Eisenbrown's English Composition II powerpoint project about agriculture


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Agriculture and Our Growing World Today By: Kayla Eisenbrown

Population increases : 

Population increases In the past 50 years, the population has nearly doubled. In 1960, a US farmer fed about 26 people. Now, they feed about 155 people. This means that the population is growing by about 2,000 people every day.

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As of 2009, about 24 million jobs are supported by US farmers. This is anyone from the actual farmers, butchers, restaurants and grocery stores. Jobs in Ag

Crops Produced : 

Crops Produced This year, United States farmers will produce 13 million bails of cotton. That’s enough for: 3 billion pairs of jeans 9 billion bath towels 15 billion pillow cases Or 40 billion diapers

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40 billion diapers…that’s enough to change a diaper every second for the next 1,268 years!!

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CORN -42% of the world’s corn is produced in the US. -With our technology today, 1 acre of corn removes 8 tons of carbon dioxide from the air. -The demand for corn will jump about 17% this year according to the US dept. of Agriculture

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Also in demand for corn, Ethanol. This makes corn the most valuable crop in the US, being valued at about 47 billion dollars in the year 2009.

Animals : 

Animals The demand for beef is declining. This is putting beef farmers in jeopardy People are getting to lazy to cook dinner so they just hit the drive thru. As a result: America is getting fat And farmers are getting Hit hard.

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